Your hair straighteners have an expiry date – and the heat light gives this away

Bad news – even your trusty hair straighteners have a shelf life.

It's also important to take note of it, as by continuing to use your straighteners once they're "past their best" you could be doing your hair a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, it's not as clear cut as having a "use-by" date stamped on them.

One obvious sign that it's time to retire your current straighteners is if the plates have worn thin or are scratched in parts.

Expert hair stylist Fabio Scalia explains to Marie Claire , that damaged plates can expose your tresses to extreme heat, which in turn burns, breaks and strips your hair of the natural oils it needs.

But if your plates still look fine, then it's also worth taking a look at the heat indicator light.

"The indicator will also tell you when it's time to start hunting for a new one.

"If the light blinks often while in use, your iron has stopped holding heat and is on its way out."

If you find you have to go over the same section of hair over and over again, then this is also a good indicator that your straighteners are not long for this world.

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