Brian May ‘Wow! My parents would be very proud’ after amazing new Queen achievement

GMB: Brian May remembers Freddie Mercury's final days

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As Queen guitarist, Brian May has made millions entertaining fans around the world with his own tracks like We Will Rock You and Fat Bottomed Girls. However, the 74-year-old didn’t initially have the support of his parents in his creative endeavours. But following a huge Queen achievement in the last couple of weeks, the star believes his Mum and Dad would be very proud of him.

In the early 1970s, Brian was a physics doctorate student and also the guitarist of Smile which evolved into Queen with Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. The future rock star’s parents had hoped he’d continue with his scientific career and especially his physics PhD.

At first Harold May was displeased his son had discontinued his studies to be a pop star, but eventually came around to his unbelievable success. And following the news that Queen’s 1981 album Greatest Hits ended 2021 as the fifth best-selling album of the year, Brian says his parents would have been so happy to hear this.

The 74-year-old said in statement: “Wow! Still have to pinch myself to believe this has all happened to us. The biggest album in the UK.Ever. Well, my Mum and Dad would be very proud – and perhaps forgive my erring from the path they hoped me to travel !! Thanks to everyone out there who made this come about. Rock on !!”

Back in 2020, the Queen legend shared the moment he believes his parents accepted his career choice in a touching post marking what would have been Harold’s 99th birthday had he not died at 66.

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