Brian May’s long-lost Sliding Doors song: Queen star was ‘heartbroken’ it wasnt in movie

Brian May gets ‘emotional’ at launch of latest album

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Earlier this year, Brian May re-issued his 1998 second solo album Another World from the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. And it turns out the title track was originally set to be used in the movie Sliding Doors.

The 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow rom-com shows two different paths the life of the star’s character could have taken, hence the lyrics, ‘In Another World…” Sadly contractual issues prevented the song from featuring in the Sliding Doors movie.

Brain shared: “The story about what could have happened if one little thing had changed in history, that the relationship either happens or not, really touched my heart, and I found it easy to write this song because I was writing from my own feelings of my own relationships, my own feelings. So I wrote this song Another World, which is all about how things might be in a parallel universe. I was kind of heartbroken when it didn’t work out, but I thought, “OK, this is my song. This is at the heart of what I’m doing.  And it became the pivot around which my album revolved.”

Brian has since shot a new music video for Another World in the Canary Islands, where the 75-year-old studied for his Physics PhD at Tenerife’s Teide Observatory.

The observatory, along with the El Hierro island tree found on Another World’s album cover art, features prominently in the new footage.

The Queen legend shared: “This beautiful place above the clouds is where I did the observing work for my PhD. And this is where I used to steal outside  under the stars, with a small acoustic guitar, and strum away and sing, and, I guess, commune with the Cosmos!”

On returning to the Canary Islands to shoot the new Another World music video, Brian added: “I’ve had a fantastic journey in the Canaries, in the IAC observatories of Tenerife, and La Palma, where the biggest telescope in the world sits, the GTC [Gran Telescopio Canarias], and also in the beautiful small island of El Hierro, where lives the tree that adorns the front cover of this album.”

Another World is out now.

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