Britain’s Got Talent trolls dub comedian Nabil Abdulrashid’s final act ‘racist’

Britain's Got Talent viewers have been left divided by comedian Nabil Abdulrashid's act on last night's show.

Nabil's jokes took aim at a number of different issues, including race, veganism, Islamaphobia and the death of George Floyd.

And he claimed at the end of his routine if he "won tonight" and "made history" that people would "deconstruct it because I am black".

He said: "Before I go I want to say, I hope I win tonight because it will make history, but I'm already sad because I know if I do, people will deconstruct it because I am black.

"The same way they said Alesha only gave me a golden buzzer because I'm black, even though I'm the first black person she's given a buzzer too in three years."

His routine was met with a standing ovation from judges who praised his humour and bold routine.

But some viewers at home hit out at his routine on Twitter and tagged Ofcom in their complaints.

One said: "Not even slightly funny! This left wing political rant should have no place in a family television show @ofcom."

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"@BGTpress @BGT @davidwalliams @AmandaHolden @AshleyBanjo @Ofcom @AleshaOfficial totally disgusted with the racist comments from Contestant Nabil, should never have been allowed on the show in the first place. Also with previous 2,000 complaints on his last act," a second said.

Another said: "Sorry did not find him funny at all and was offended by some of his comments. Ofcom will be receiving more complaints no doubt."

A fourth added: "Changed channel to see if the rubbish known as #bgtfinal had finished."

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"Absolutely terrible act, not funny, just very dull and boring in his presentation and quite racist. Time for another complaint to @Ofcom. Fortunately tonight is the last show. Don't waste your time watching."

But other viewers saw the funny side and gave Nabil's routine their backing.

One said: "I reckon @Ofcom have had to open a department just for @BGT! @Nabilu you were incredible tonight, haters gonna hate, but keep doing what you are doing. You were brilliant."

A second added: "All the snowflakes complaining is making this funnier."

Another wrote: "Don't care what anyone says this man was hilarious. and the racists all ate into his palm coz he made comedy from ur Complains yet ur complaining and his name is gonna be everywhere which is just gonna work well in his advantage."

A fourth said: "Roll the complaints……[love heart emoji] this man. So funny."

Nabil's act on racism came just weeks after Diversity's dance, portraying George Floyd's death, sparked almost 25,000 complaints.

Daily Star Online has contacted ITV and Ofcom for comment.

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