Britney Spears strips completely naked as fans beg her to stop with the snaps

Britney Spears has stunned her fans by once again posing full frontal nude as she lay stretched out on the beach.

The 40-year-old singer wore nothing but a red wide-brimmed sun hat as she lay seductively in the sand with the waves lashing against her bare skin.

Britney, placed strategic flower emojis after her private parts as she posed for the image with one hand cradling one of her breasts and the other arm stretched out above her head.

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The mum-of-two returned to Instagram on Sunday (October 23) after taking a break from the social media network for ten days, with her first post on her return another topless photo.

The string of explicit images have sparked concerns from her fans who have been begging her to put her clothes back on in the comments section.

One wrote: "We get it already. Lol, I swear I've seen you naked more than I've seen myself naked."

Another pleaded: "Brittney you are beautiful, this isn’t necessary. You’ll regret it. All of the people on here cheering you on to continue doing this don’t have your best interest. I am happy you get to make your own decisions, these pictures are not coming from a stable place. Please put some clothes on."

A third aired their concerns: "If she wants to pose nude why isn't she doing professional shoots? This looks like it was taken with a lousy camera. Just something feels off here. She clearly has something wrong with her and the comments are encouraging it."

A fourth fan said: "Old pics, spinning, rant about her family, nudes, delete then repeat."

A fifth agreed: "I’m hoping whoever is in charge of her ig is trying to make her look unstable…and she doesn’t want any of these posts posted."

Another concerned follower also speculated about who is making the posts: "Here we go again, why? Who is in charge of this account? I don’t think she is posting this, maybe this is a trip from several years ago and someone keeps posting pictures from years ago."

The new post comes shortly after the pop princess left fans concerned after declaring that a movie about her p**** was coming out.

Recording a video as she played with her hair, Britney wrote: "I have a premiere for a movie this week "The Legislative Act of My P***y".

Fans have been raising their concerns for the star as they continued to beg her to stop with the snaps. 

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  • Britney Spears strips completely naked as concerned fans beg her to 'delete pic'

  • Britney Spears sparks concern after declaring movie for 'her p***y' is coming out

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