Chanelle Hayes has been diagnosed with M.E. after 9 stone weight loss

Chanelle Hayes has revealed she has been diagnosed with M.E. after losing nine stone.

The 34-year-old was undiagnosed for years because of her obesity.

The Big Brother star said she was in the best shape of her life after having a gastric sleep operation.

Chanelle admitted that the operation helped control her "addiction" to binge-eating.

Despite her major weight loss, Chanelle was left in agony after the op and kept feeling like her "bones are going to explode" as she suffers from the chronic fatigue syndrome, M.E.

The reality star has had to quit going to the gym and drinking alcohol due to her extreme exhaustion.

"I always put my symptoms down to being so obese," she told The Sun.

"I thought 'I'm overweight, it's my own fault, no wonder I'm tired all of the time and no wonder my joints are killing me.'

"Then as I started to lose weight I felt like the pain was getting worse and worse," Chanelle revealed.

She continued to explain how some days she would sleep for 14 hours and even then she might not have enough energy to brush her teeth or hair.

Chanelle explained how the "hidden disability" has caused people to think you're just lazy.

The star fears as she misses out on time with her children after being forced to stay in bed up to four days due to being so exhausted.

The 34-year-old is mum to two children, Blakely, 11, and Frankie, four.

As she opens up about her illness she explained how she has to take a four hour nap after dropping her two children off at school.

She explained: "The pain feels like there is a volcano inside my bones and they're just going to explode.

"And that's only my bone pain. Then I've got muscular pain. If you were to just gently press on my muscles it would kill. It feels like my whole body is bruised."

Chanelle referred the pain to when she gave birth without pair relief and was 9cm dilated.

She admitted she would not wish her condition on her worse enemy.

She added: "It stops you living your life until your body decides it can carry on functioning again."

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