Charlotte Dawson says sex lifes better than ever after new fitness regime

Charlotte Dawson’s sex life is red hot after she started a new fitness regime.

The reality star shed more than two stone with home workouts… and her partner Matt Sarsfield isn’t complaining.

Charlotte told me: “I feel dead sexy in the bedroom. I keep the lights on now. Matt has always wanted a fit bird and now he’s got one. He’s loving it.

“He definitely fancies me a bit more. He’s like, ‘Ooh, yeah’.

“I feel better about myself. I feel really confident.”

Toning up has also given Charlotte’s mental health a boost.

The 29-year-old, daughter of legendary comic Les, added: “When I had a belly I would make people laugh, but I was actually feeling a bit s**t.

“So losing weight has made me feel fabulous. It has done wonders for my mental health.

“It isn’t always about how you look – it’s about how you feel as well.”

Charlotte visited her father’s ­statue on Christmas Day just like every year, but this year she had an extra someone paying tribute to her comedian dad Les – her baby son Noah.

The comedy icon, famed for his gurn and hilarious characters, died when Charlotte was just eight months old but she’s determined to make sure Noah gets to know his grandad – whether it’s visiting the monument to him in Lytham St Annes, Lancs, watching his shows on TV or tuning into YouTube footage.

Charlotte said: "Every Christmas we go to my dad’s statue and dress him up, have a picture and give him a cuddle. This Christmas was Noah’s first time and we had an amazing time.

“I can’t wait for Noah to get to know his grandad through all the pictures and videos, we’ve got so much ­amazing footage he can watch.

“His grandad is Les Dawson – how cool is that? – and he would have been the best grandad.

“He would have constantly been having a laugh with Noah, playing games with him, doing funny faces. It upsets me that he’s not here now in Noah’s life, being the fabulous grandad I know he would be.”

Charlotte believes Les, who died from a heart attack in June 1993 aged 62, is still watching over her and her family. And she thinks Noah, who was born in January last year, might have inherited her dad’s funny genes.

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