Coleen Rooney holds resentment towards Wayne despite forgiving his cheating

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Coleen Rooney has revealed that she has forgiven husband Wayne Rooney's wild actions in the past, admitting they were unacceptable – but a body language expert begs to differ.

Wayne's life story has been shared in a self-titled Amazon Prime documentary that is set for release in 2022, during which Coleen addresses their marital troubles.

Throughout the documentary, Wayne, 35, and Coleen, 35, sit down and offer candid interviews about the former Everton legend's life and career as a professional football player.

Coleen and Wayne grew up in the Croxteth area of Liverpool and knew one another from a young age before eventually marrying in 2008.

Breaking her silence on Wayne's cheating and prostitution scandals, she said: "I knew groups Wayne was hanging around with.

"Together with alcohol… Not good."

The former television personality went on to say: "I forgive him… But it wasn't acceptable."

However, leading body language experts have revealed to Daily Star that Coleen looks far from comfortable during her admissions.

Body language expert Inbaal Honigman told us: "When Coleen talks about her forgiveness of Wayne's repeated indiscretions in their long relationship, she holds her one shoulder up high, to hide her, protecting her from the camera's gaze, in a defensive gesture.

"This tells me she resents having to answer the question, it's her relationship, her life, her decisions – that's what her posture displays."

While Dennis Relojo-Howell of Psychreg added: "Our hands can serve as a gauge of our current emotional state.

"It can be seen from the clip that Coleen Rooney was clasping her hands while she speaks, clasping or squeezing hands together can be considered to be a self-pacifying gesture – a person who does this is uncomfortable – and to some extent maybe even nervous or fearful.

"Coleen was shaking her head as she says she has forgiven him, this particular body language can be an indicator of some lingering resentment, which can be a sign of potential mistrust for future actions," before adding that Coleen's body language appears to suggest Wayne's actions have been "forgiven but not forgotten".

Inbaal added: "During their wedding ceremony, her head is held high, she displays how she won at life, to her, getting to that altar, wearing the white dress, and later bearing the babies – that's what it's about – she's scored!

"Talking about their past together, Coleen sits with an almost straight back, with an almost-strong posture, head held at almost full height.

"So she almost believes in what she says but not quite."

It is unclear what exactly Coleen is forgiving her husband for in the trailer but Rooney has often hit headlines for his off the field antics over the years.

"Foolish as it now seems I did on occasions visit massage parlours and prostitutes," Rooney admitted in 2004.

He continued: "I now regret it deeply and hope people may understand that it was the sort of mistake you make when you are young and stupid.

"It was at a time when I was very young and immature and before I had settled down with Coleen."

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