Daisy May Cooper says exs sexual fetish was to impersonate household objects

Daisy May Cooper has hilariously revealed that one of her exes used to have a rather strange fetish of wanting to impersonate household objects.

The This Country actress shared the ins and outs of her sexual history in her latest book titled Don’t Laugh, It’ll Only Encourage Her.

The Never Mind the Buzzcocks star wrote in her book about how “Nick” — her exes’ names have been changed to hide their embarrassment — had a fetish for impersonating household objects to get his sexual kicks.

This would include objects such as a coat stand, a rug, a footstool and an ashtray. And said that his biggest thrill was combining the latter two, turning himself into a “footstool/ashtray combo”.

Daisy, 35, who played Kerry Mucklowe in This Country, said: “He positioned himself on all fours with his tongue out while I put my feet up, drank wine, watched Location, Location, Location and flicked my ash his way.

“I tried to do it casually, but it occurred to me that I could get arrested for this. He loved me stubbing my fag out on him. He winced with pleasure, I winced with pain.”

Daisy announced that she put up with his fantasies on the basis that his flat was stocked up with wine and it was better than living with her 'broke' parents.

She was actually planning on ending the wild relationship due to his sexual fantasies progressing too far for her liking.

Daisy said it got too much after she accidentally burned his wrists on a heated towel rail because he wanted to be tied up.

But he ended up doing it first, complaining that Daisy was “too vanilla” in the bedroom, which left her fuming.

She added: “I berated him for being the most unkind, uncouth and uncaring boyfriend ever.”

In her hilarious new autobiography, she doesn’t mention her ex-husband and father of her two young children, who set met on Tinder back in 2015.

But did recently admit that he is an "amazing man", but said the pair were just "not compatible.”

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