Dancing On Ice’s Billie Faiers gives partner chewing gum to mask ‘garlic breath’

Dancing On Ice star Billie Faiers turned up to training today prepared for every eventuality, including Mark Hanretty's bad breath.

The 30-year-old had been tipped off that Mark had consumed an almighty amount of garlic for dinner and decided to pack for her day accordingly – bringing a huge pot of chewing gum for her ice skating partner.

Like Mark's 29,000 followers, Billie tuned into Mark's Instagram story in the morning, where he gave a rundown of his garlic-heavy dinner from the night before.

Clocking just how much garlic he'd consumed in one sitting, she wasn't taking any chances and took to training armed with mint-flavoured gum.

In the hilarious Instagram post, Mark documented: "Morning everybody, I hope everybody is good, I am not far away from training and I know that people have been asking how it's going with Billie.

"It's been a pleasure to work with her. Really enjoying it. Apologies for not updating everybody enough just a bit busy trying to get ready for the shows.

"My greatest concern though I will involve you all now on this process, my greatest concern at the moment is that last night I made a meal…

"With four cloves of garlic extra pesto and stupid amounts of vegetable and lentils."

He continued: "And I’m just a bit concerned that the stench of garlic off my breath is making me feel urghh.

"The vegetable fibre consumption isn't good for the old bowls and I think that today when I lift Billie and the wet garlic-y sweat smell stenches from me and I trump with every lift, that this could be the end of our working relationship."

The mum-of-two later appeared at their training ground ready for the day and Mark couldn't resist updating fans on the treat she had brought for him.

"Just a little update on the garlic situation, Billie has turned up to the rink and she's obviously seen my story," said the figure skater.

Appearing in the background, the Mummy Diaries star held up an enormous pot of chewing gum which she shook before saying she was "prepared".

Billie isn't the first TOWIE star to take part in the ITV ice skating competition – her co-star and pal Gemma Collins also popped on her bladed boots back in 2019.

Unfortunately for Gemma, she took a terrifying blow in the middle of the competition as her skate picked the ice and she plunged to the hard icy surface on TV.

Speaking to Hello! magazine about her friend's frightful stumble, Billie said: "Hats off to Gemma Collins for doing it.

"She messaged me supporting me, saying she's really excited to see me."

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