Dancing On Ice’s Matt Evers self-isolates after becoming ‘very sick’

Professional Dancing On Ice skater Matt Evers has confirmed that he has been forced into self-isolation since last Sunday after contracting coronavirus like symptoms.

Matt, 44, took to Twitter to give fans an update and relayed his symptoms to provide guidance to other who may be feeling the same.

Taking to the digital platform he said: "Thank you guys for the messages. I became unwell this past Sunday. It was a very weird cold like illness. Headaches, body aches, coughing and now no taste or smell.

"I’ve been in isolation since then & feeling much much better today. Stay strong and we will get through this."

The skating star, who was partnered with H from Steps on the hit ITV show, also revealed to The Sun Online : "I've been very sick for the past five days.

"I've been having flu symptoms and been really spaced out. I've been down, thinking what am I? Who am I? I can't get home to my family in the States too, I have elderly parents so I've been feeling pretty helpless."

He also elaborated the contrast to the high he was on after Dancing On Ice had ended and he'd stopped receiving daily calls from producers.

Matt said it felt like he was on a "massive comedown" following his stint on the show to now be feeling unwell and that his primary focus was to get better.

He continued: "I'm so lucky I've been leaning on H for support, and Candice who have been amazing."

Taking to Instagram wearing a white dressing gown while sat wondering about the outside world he penned: "Stop, breathe, give thanks to our medical workers and have faith."

The post saw Dancing On Ice Peers Maura Higgins and Ian Watkins 'hit' the like button showing their support to the pro skater.

It comes as Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the tide can be turned in the coronavirus fight within the next 12 weeks.

The PM said: "I cannot say that by the end of June we will be on the downward slope, I cannot say that for certain but what I can say is that this is going to be finite and I can say that this is how we’re going to do it in the next 12 weeks."

Her Majesty The Queen has also issued her full support to the UK, saying the Royal family "stand ready to play our part" in challenges the nation faces ahead.

The Government's Coronavirus Bill has also now been passed, containing emergency legislation on sick pay, schools and forced isolation, with the Bank of England slashing interest rates to all-time low.

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