Derren Brown forced to store dead animals in freezer after odd ornaments smashed

Derren Brown has two centuries-old dead animals in his freezer.

The telly illusionist had been keeping a kitten and an octopus pickled in jars as bizarre ornaments.

But in a recent move to a new country house the vases were accidentally smashed. So he has frozen the grim items instead.

In A Book Of Secrets, Derren, 50, revealed: “During the process of unpacking, two small glass tanks containing a 19th-century pickled kitten and a similarly preserved octopus were placed upon an unsecured shelf.

“A moment later they flung themselves six feet and deconstructed violently upon an ancient floor tiled in the encaustic manner.”

He said: “We held our breaths as we hoovered up the glass and mopped up what we could of the death on the floor.

“I banished the horror of their slumped, lumpy articulation by picking up the creatures and immuring them in a medium ziplock bag from Waitrose.

“Contained thus, they were placed in what was deemed in the moment to be a working chest freezer, but has since turned out to be a sort of prop freezer with an orange light.

“A month later, due to the difficulty of disposing of white goods, they are still there.

“I cannot open the freezer to check their condition after the stink that issued last time I tried.”

Derren shot to fame when his show Mind Control started in 2000, though he has since appeared in countless specials and stage shows.

And while he has a special place in his heart – or home – for the pickled kitten and octopus, he also has a soft spot for parrots.

He's been the patron of the Parrot Zoo Trust since 2004 and previously said: "I'm a big fan of parrots.

"I think they're fascinating creatures. Many of them live longer than us humans and it's interesting to me the way they learn to mimic human voices even though they don't really comprehend what they're saying."

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