Drew Barrymore claims her mum would let her smoke weed at 10-years-old

Drew Barrymore had a far from stereotypical upbringing, with the Hollywood star claiming her mum allowed her to smoke weed.

The actress grew up very differently than most particularly after the worldwide success of E.T. starring the then six-year-old.

Admitting on her new podcast Drew’s News, the star revealed how alcohol and drugs were rife yet sugar was a big no-no.

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Further discussing the sugar ban with pal and fellow actor Rob Lowe, Drew said that she often had to sneak treats when her mother was not looking.

The sugar ban came directly from her mother, Jaide Barrymore, who did not want the child actress to put on weight.

But when it came to the harder stuff, there were allegedly no problems there.

“I snuck chocolate in the closet.

“All the other habits were out in the open but the sugar was an in-the-closet thing,” Drew said.

“Literally I would hide it in a box in my closet and just…”

The mother of two has previously discussed how she had her first drink at the age of nine, smoked marijuana at the age of 10 and by 12 years old tried cocaine.

Speaking to People magazine she further admitted how at 13 she had twice gone through drug rehabilitation.

Even more shocking the Hollywood star admitted to Howard Stern that her mother had actually admitted her to a psychiatric ward.

“You couldn't mess around in there and if you did, you would get thrown either in a padded room or get put in stretcher restraints, and tied up,” she explained.

“'I was going to clubs and not going to school and stealing my mom's car and, you know, I was out of control.

“So, you know, sometimes it was as humorous as that and sometimes I was just so angry that I would go off and then I'd get thrown in the thing,” she shared.

Learning to finally forgive her mother provided one of the most profound effects on the actress.

“She probably felt like she had nowhere to turn. And I'm sure she lived with a lot of guilt for years, about creating the monster but then I think she lived in a lot of pain that I also wouldn't talk to her for a long time,” she admitted.

Once Drew became a mother herself, she began to realise why her mother did some of the things she albeit extreme.

“I said to my own daughter… something came up and I said I'm not your friend. I'll never be your friend; I'm your mother,” she said.

“And I had a mother who was a friend, and we're not going to do that.”


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