Extreme Sisters stars strip naked and hold hands in the forest to discuss issues

Extreme Sisters stars Christina and Jessica have shown viewers how they like to talk through their problems – and it involves getting naked in the middle of the woods.

The stars of the TLC programme have allowed cameras into their lives and fans are gobsmacked at how the twins like to air out their worries to each other.

At the start of the scene, sisters Christina and Jessica admitted that they "interfere in each other’s relationships too much" and "ruin their chances with men".

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In a bid to work out their problems, the sisters made their way to their "spot in the woods" so that they could try and work through the issue.

They placed a picnic blanket down and surrounded themselves with crystals as they began talking.

Jessica and Christina agreed that they were "at a crossroads" and that they should "set an intention" for "the universe to guide them in the right direction".

Christina then told the camera that there was "so much at stake" as she could "lose her connection with her twin sister".

At the end of their conversation, Jessica suggested that they "get naked" and the pair began to strip off in front of one another.

Christina then told the camera: "To truly connect, we have to go back to where we came from. You know, we were naked together in the womb and that’s how it all started with us, so…"

The naked reality stars faced each other with their eyes closed as they held hands and moved their arms above their heads and listened to the wildlife.

Fans couldn’t grasp the concept and took to the comment section to share their confusion at the ritual.

One wrote: "Yep, sisters are way too close, they will never have a real relationship with a man."

Another typed: "Christina speaks of a healthy relationship with her man, but her relationship with Jessica is not healthy by any means."

Other fans gathered to ask "what was happening" and what viewers were "supposed to be learning" from the programme.

One fan even wondered what would happen if someone "was hiking or hunting and walked in" on the sister’s strange ritual.


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