Fans React on Social Media After SuperM Performs Their First Concert

SuperM performed their first concert in Los Angeles on Oct. 5. The showcase was free and was also livestreamed on YouTube for fans unable to attend. Over 150,000 people tuned into the livestream. SuperM’s first showcase gave fans an idea of what to expect from the group’s upcoming tour, and after the concert fans reacted on social media.

SuperM performed three songs

The group performed three songs from their debut album. SuperM opened with “I Can’t Stand the Rain.” The group performed “Super Car” next. The song features Taemin, Baekhyun,Taeyong, Ten, and Mark. At the end of the song, Lucas and Kai came out and performed the last bit of choreography.

SuperM ended the concert with their debut single, “Jopping.” The performance featured choreography fans know from the music video. After each song, SuperM spoke to the crowd and then showed videos, ranging from behind-the-scenes clips to the “Jopping” music video.

Each member of the group gave speeches

After each song, the members of SuperM gave speeches to the audience. The members introduced themselves and thanked fans for coming to their concert after performing “I Can’t Stand the Rain.” Every time a member spoke, cheers from the crowd could be heard.

“I have to say there is no group like us,” said Taeyong. “It’s a new challenge, but we are prepared and ready, so hope you guys enjoy.”

After performing “Super Car,” Mark explained to the crowd that some of the songs on the album split the group up into different units to show the different dynamics within the group. In their ending ments after “Jopping,” the members of SuperM thanked fans for their support.

“Hey guys, guys, I love you 3000,” Baekhyun said at the end of the concert.

Fans reacted to the SuperM concert on social media

After the SuperM concert, fans who attended posted clips of the performances while others posted clips from the livestream. SuperM fans also posted their thoughts about the concert. Most fans seemed to enjoy the intense choreography of the dances and seeing the members interact with fans.

“#SuperM_US_Debut was amazing!. The choreo for I can’t stand the rain was everything I was hoping for,” one fan tweeted.

“ten being thankful for the fans love n support. please you can see it thru his expressions & hear it in his voice. glad he enjoyed himself, he deserves many more stages…,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

Fans also wrote how grateful they were at the hard work all of the members put into their debut.

“you could see how tired kaibaek were at some parts but they still gave their absolute best. really proud of them, really thankful to them for working so hard in everything they do and putting in 100% all the time. keep fighting on, you have our support,” a fan tweeted.

Other fans did not feel the concert served its purpose of showing off the members.

“Unpopular opinion: jopping is a bop but this showcase just wasn’t it. The whole thing seemed off and kinda fake/scripted. This is no hate at all to the members theyre all super talented but just something felt wrong while watching it…,” wrote a Twitter user.

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