Geordie Shores Chloe Ferry opens up about cosmetic surgery going wrong

Chloe Ferry has exposed the "terrible scars" on her face following a botched cosmetic surgery procedure.

The Geordie Shore stare took to social media to share graphic video and pictures of her face in a bid to warn people about the risks of 'fox eye surgery'.

Chloe, 26, said she was prompted to share her story after former Big Brother contestant Ryan Ruckledge opened up about a similar experience during an appearance on This Morning in June.

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The reality TV star said the scars, which remain on her face seven months after undergoing the fashionable procedure, have left her feeling "so self conscious".

Fighting to hold back tears, the Newcastle native spoke candidly about her traumatic ordeal and how it's affected her confidence.

Anticipating a backlash to her story, Chloe said she knows people will say it's her own fault and admitted she wished she could "turn back time" so she never underwent the surgery.

"Please read the next story [praying-hands emoji]," the Celebrity Big Brother star began on her Instagram Stories.

She went on: "Hi guys I've been putting this off for a bit now but after seeing Ryan going on This morning to speak about the fox eye trend I feel like I need to tell everyone about my experience and what has happened to myself.

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"I had the same procedure as ryan done seven months ago and still to this day I'm left with terrible scars on my face which may never go away.

"I'm seeing this procedure becoming increasingly more and more popular. This may not happen to everyone but as I'm left with scars seven months later I just wanted to take to social media just to let everyone know what had happened to myself."

A series of makeup-free clips shared with her 3.8million followers showed the extent of her scarring.

"I now have a dint in the side of my face," she revealed.

The so-called 'fox eye surgery' involves the insertion of biodegradable threads under the skin to elevate the eyebrows and is regularly described as a minimally invasive treatment.

Chloe wrote on her Instagram Stories: "I've know their [sic] is worse things going on in the world but thought I had to speak about it now with me being left with scars seven months on.

"I don't ever rate myself or anything but the only thing I ever thought was good about me was I had good skin and now it's scarred, my job is to be filming all the time on tv, photoshoots etc and now I'm so self conscious about the outcome this has had on me."

Filming herself, Chloe said: "I know I'm going to get so many people saying it's my own fault and I shouldn't have had it done – I know!

"I honestly wish I never did and If I could turn back time now, I would turn back in a heartbeat.

"But I didn't expect when I was getting that treatment done that I would be left with permanent scars and a dint in the side of my face."


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