Gino DAcampos outrageous moments: cannabis scandal, cooking nude and jail time

Gino D'Acampo is best known for causing chaos on ITV daytime TV programme This Morning and has kept the nation in hysterics with his cheeky innuendos for more than a decade.

With absolutely no filter, the Italian-born star has become everyone's favourite celebrity chef.

In 2009, he was crowned King of the Jungle of I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here – but even that didn't come without some drama.

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As Gino celebrates his 47th birthday, Daily Star has looked back at his most outrageous moments from over the years.

Cooking in the nude

While cooking up a storm on the set of This Morning back in 2011, Gino made the segment extra memorable as he decided to ditch his clothes for the occasion.

He made the decision after This Morning won a National Television Award, rocking up to the studio kitchen in nothing but an apron.

Then-presenter Phillip Schofield revealed numerous members of the crew had arrived in the studio to watch as the chef cooked naked – and he certainly gave both presenters and the audience an eyeful when he turned around and exposed his behind.

At one point he even dropped the apron completely, leaving Holly Willoughby and Phillip utterly shocked and not knowing where to look as he was completely in the nude.

And this isn't the only time the TV star has whipped something up in the buff as he did the same thing in October 2022 to promote the launch of his cookery line.

Wearing nothing but his new sleek cooking apron and a pair of designer sunglasses, Gino could be seen dancing in his lavish kitchen while he chopped up a handful of herbs.

But what the cheeky chef failed to notice was how his spotless oven acted as a mirror in his kitchen, reflecting his peachy rear in the X-rated clip as he danced around in the nude.

Cannabis scandal

In April 2023, it was reported that Gino had been caught with cannabis in his possession after arriving back in the UK on a private jet.

The star was coming back from Spain with Gordon Ramsay and Fred Sirieix after filming their hit ITV series Gordon, Gino and Fred's Road Trip.

But when they touched down at Farnborough Airport in Hampshire, things allegedly took an awkward turn when police sniffer dogs turned their attention to Gino.

A source told The Sun that after landing at the airport in Gordon’s private plane, sniffer dogs “suddenly started circling Gino.”

The insider said: “Eventually, it was clear who the dogs were after, and Gino went away with uniformed police for questioning.

"It was Gino’s bags that were stopped and searched, and a small box with some weed inside was found. Neither Fred nor Gordon, nor anyone else on the jet, had a single trace of anything suspicious.”

The source then revealed how Gino reportedly called up Fred and Gordon the next day and explained he had been smoking it to help with his bad back, with the police accepting that the drug was for medicinal use.

As a result, he was issued with a warning and fined for possession of a prohibitive substance, namely cannabis, but he was not arrested.

Phillip Schofield dig

Less than a month after Phillip's affair with a young male colleague at ITV was revealed, Gino wasted no time in making a cheeky dig towards his former co-star.

Speaking to hosts Dermot O'Leary and Holly, 42, about what he planned on cooking, the ITV star admitted he was forced to change his dish at the last minute.

He explained: "I was going to make melanzane alla parmigiana, baked aubergine. But apparently I can't do anything with aubergine at the moment so I'm going to make a tiramisu."

Dermot, 50, immediately put his pen in his mouth while Holly turned her head and avoided making eye contact with the camera.

"It's okay, I can live with it. Everything is under control. I am back," Gino exclaimed before asking the presenters: "Any news in the last month that I should know?"

"No!" affirmed Holly as Gino continued: "Anything I should know?"

The presenter insisted: "No news!," as she let out a nervous laugh while Dermot remained tight-lipped.

Jail stint

Before finding fame, fans will be shocked to learn that Gino spent time behind bars.

In 1998, at the age of 21, the beloved TV personality was sent down for burgling 80s singer Paul Young, formerly the frontman of groups Streetband and Q-Tips.

After breaking into the now-67-year-old's home in Mill Hill, North London, Gino snatched £4,000 worth of guitars and a platinum record.

While the musician had most of his belongings returned, something that was never recovered was music containing memories of his wife, Stacey, who died of brain cancer in January 2018.

Gino was caught after his DNA matched tests on cigarette butts he had dropped in the star's bedroom and he was sentenced to two years in jail.

In 2019, the TV star spoke to Birmingham Live and admitted the crime was a "mistake".

“It was a very crucial moment of my life. It was about embracing something negative and turning it into something positive," he told the publication.

"I was a very young boy… you make those mistakes. The secret is to learn and to move on."

Paul has since chosen to forgive Gino for his past crimes and revealed Gino had contacted him personally to apologise before appearing on I'm A Celeb.

Animal cruelty charge

During his appearance on I'm A Celeb, Gino ran into some trouble with the Australian police after he killed a rat in camp.

While banished to the "exile" camp, Gino noted his fellow campmates were struggling to cope with food rations and decided to take matters into his own hands.

With the help of former Hollyoaks actor Stuart Manning, Gino allegedly butchered the rat and added it to one of their meals.

Speaking in the Bush Telegraph Gino confessed: "It's not done by choice but it's done because we need it.

"We need some kind of protein, we need some kind of flavour. I saw one of these rats running around. I got a knife, I got its throat, I picked it up."

Both Gino and Stuart, 44, were charged by the police with animal cruelty, however, the charges were later dropped after ITV accepted responsibility for the incident.

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