Harry and Meghan could be leaving Montecito home to move away from celebrities

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been advised to move away from their “fishbowl” neighbourhood California if they are seeking more privacy.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex moved into their multi-million pound Montecito mansion after departing from royal duties a couple of years ago.

The LA neighbourhood is home to a number of celebrity figures including the couple’s friend Oprah Winfrey, but reports have emerged that the Sussexes are planning on selling up and finding a new home.

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And, reacting to the news that a move is potentially on the cards, royal commentators on the Royally Us podcast speculated on what might be influencing Meghan and Harry’s decision to abandon their current family home.

“I’m not sure how it doesn’t properly accommodate them, I’m sure it’s probably a lovely estate,” acknowledged host Christina Garibaldi.

“Maybe they want more privacy, maybe they’re looking for something bigger, maybe they don’t like their neighbours, we don’t know.”

Co-presenter Christine Ross chimed in, adding that the Sussexes may feel uncomfortable with the large presence of other celebrities in the neighbourhood.

“There has been a lot of discussion about lots of security concerns over their safety and privacy, but also that neighbourhood is so full of other celebrities that maybe it is easy for paparazzi to be wandering around,” she added.

“Are there people wandering around hoping to catch a glimpse? And they just feel a bit unsafe and kind of in a fishbowl.

“This new house that they might be shopping for could be a bit more isolated, not as close to as many celebrities, and just giving them a bit more privacy.”

But, with rumours that the couple’s reportedly chosen location for a new base just 10 miles down the road from Montecito in Hope Ranch, Christina suggested this may not be far enough.

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“But then you’ve got to argue, maybe move out of California and go somewhere a little more remote,” she observed. “If you want that ultra private life maybe California is not the place for it.”

In fact, with the couple now beginning to attend global events after pandemic-enforced restrictions have eased, Christine acknowledged that a different base could suit their celebrity lifestyles.

“They do travel a lot; they travel to New York for the UN, they were just in the UK and in Germany… it’s not like they couldn’t live somewhere much more remote because California, especially that area is kind of a fish bowl,” she continued.

“There’s also lots of places in California that are significantly more private if they really wanted to stay in the country or in that state.”


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