I’m A Celeb star Beverley Callard’s grandfather killed a man in hammer attack

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Beverley Callard spoke out about her childhood struggles after her grandfather murdered another man with a hammer.

The Coronation Street star was just age 13 when her grandad Pliny Brook landed the final blow that took the life of another.

Bev, who is now 63, claimed Pliny had killed the man in 1970 with one single strike to the head, before burying his body in coal.

According to the soap star, her grandfather had acted in "self defence" after Pliny and illegal immigrant Paul Suchar got into a heated row over money.

Explaining her granddad's version of events, she said: "The two men must have started rowing and then Paul Suchar attacked Grandad and beat him really badly.

"His shin was totally kicked in and he thought he was going to be killed.

"Grandad hit back and was really fighting for his life."

The actress continued: "In the mill workshop there was a hammer lying on a bench and in desperation Grandad pick it up and hit Paul Suchar across the head with it.

"The younger man fell to the floor and when after a few seconds he didn't come round, Grandad realised he'd killed him."

Two weeks after the murder, Pliny decided to hand himself in and confessed everything to the police.

The story was quickly swept up by the media and ultimately led to Beverley having a difficult time with peers at school.

In her 2010 autobiography, Unbroken, she penned: "I knew people were talking about my grandad, and some girls even avoided me.

"One girl told me I couldn't go round to her house for tea any more as had been planned."

Just one year after being convicted of murder, Pliny died following a battle with septicaemia.

Beverley's life veered slightly off course as she entered a period in her life that she described as her "rebellious teenage years".

Trying to cope with the lose of her grandad, along with being isolated from pals, she "whole heartedly" threw herself at a bundle of trouble.

Beverley is currently one of the 12 famous faces taking part in the 20th series of I'm A Celebrity.

The Corrie icon has already taken on a few of the gruesome trials and is now on a mission to be crowned Queen of the Castle.

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! airs nightly on ITV at 9pm

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