Im A Celebs Nicola McLean works out clever Danny game plan after one episode

Former I’m A Celeb star Nicola McLean is convinced Danny Miller has a secret game plan on the ITV show.

The 40-year-old model spilled show secrets to the Daily Star revealing her suspicions of the actor’s true intentions and accused the actor of complaining about sickness to convince to public to vote him in for the first eating challenge.

She revealed: “I’m not sure whether Danny is already playing a game because I cannot see if you are that sort of.. if you gag a lot, if you’re sick, you’ve already been sick twice in the helicopter and swallowed it, why would you carry on saying this, of course you know you’re gunna get the eating trial.”

She also suggested that Danny, who plays Aaron Dingle on the hit ITV soap, intentionally wanted to land the eating trial as she knew it would be the most memorable and keep him on the show longer.

The mother-of-two said: “I don’t know if he wanted the eating trial cause it is the best trial to get.

"It is disgusting but it is the best one cause it’s the one people remember. I’m not upset if he’s playing the game but I cant see that’s he’s not.

"The soap stars are so popular, Danny wouldn’t have gotten voted for the first trial had he not gone on about the fact that he was sick so I think it could be kind of a clever game."

The former glamour model also recalled her experience with the eating challenge during the live tell-all: “I got it and people still talk to me about 13 years later because it was so memorable.”

Nicola featured on the show in 2008 and will be remembered for her steamy outdoor shower scenes and looking smoking hot in a bikini.

When asked about the much-anticipated shower scenes that I'm A Celeb is known for, and how it might not be as easy now that it’s being filmed in chilly Wales, Nicola said: “That's why they're not picking glamour models with massive boobs, they’re like ‘what's the point?’

“They're not going to get them out in Wales, are they?”

I'm A Celebrity airs nightly on ITV and ITVHub at 9pm

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