James Blunt is convinced his pub is haunted by the ghost of a regular

James Blunt who regularly jokes about himself on social media has now revealed he is being haunted by a ghost who knocks a particular tankard from its hook.

The singer shared a video to Instagram of a mysterious glass falling at his pub, The Fox & Pheasant as he is convinced it is the ghost of a former regular.

A source told The Sun: “James believes the ghost is that of someone who used to come in regularly, because he always knocks over the same tankard.

“James and the staff reckon it must have been his favourite one."

James bought the pub in Chelsea, West London which dates from 1846, in 2017.

The star did the pub up and opened it the following year.

The source continued: “He appears quite regularly, knocking things about and causing hazards. A few of the staff were really freaked out when it first happened but now everyone views the ghost quite affectionately.

“It keeps the staff on their toes because they have to be ready to catch the falling tankard at any time. It feels ridiculous but there is really no explanation for it.”

James has recently returned to the music scene after finding global success in the early two thousands.

But the star has had a varied carrier after serving in the British Army with royalty, Prince Harry.

Whilst in the army, Blunt was the Prince’s superior and Harry had to address him as ‘sir.’

The Prince later invited James to perform at the 2016 Invictus Games via a text message.

Before buying his pub, James continued his music career by touring with Ed Sheeran as his support act for his third album, Divide.

Blunt said that they were roommates: “I’ve been sharing a bed with Ed Sheeran while we’ve been touring the US together.

"I stay closest to the wall because he has to keep getting up to use the toilet in the night. That’s as romantic as it gets on tour!”

James is married to Sofia Wellesley, daughter of Lord and Lady John Henry Wellesley and granddaughter of the eighth Duke of Wellington.

The couple have two children together and Ed is godfather to James' firstborn son.

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