Janet Jacksons Upcoming Documentary Will Feature the Icon Opening Up Like Never Before

Janet Jackson is ready to speak her truth.

The iconic performer released the first teaser trailer for her upcoming two-part documentary, JANET, which is set to air simultaneously on Lifetime and A&E in January 2022. The new clip features a number of high-profile cameos from former collaborators and fellow creatives within Jackson’s close-knit circle, including Paula Abdul, Missy Elliott, and Mariah Carey reminiscing on Jackson’s impact as an artist and one of the most influential women in music history.

The upcoming documentary will also feature behind-the-scenes footage of Jackson in recent years as she looks back at her defining career moments and family upbringing. According to People, the documentary was more than “five years in the making” and began filming around the time of the death of the singer’s father, Joe Jackson, in 2018. Janet will reportedly speak out on some of her most defining personal and professional moments, including her controversial 2004 Super Bowl performance with Justin Timberlake, her brother Michael Jackson’s death, and becoming a mother.

“This is my story, told by me. Not through someone else’s eyes,” the “Miss You Much” singer says over nostalgic clips of her performing throughout the ’80s and ’90s, as well as growing up alongside her famous brothers as part of the Jackson 5. “This is the truth. Take it or leave it. Love it or hate it. This is me.”

Watch the trailer for JANET above and watch this space for updates on the two-night event.

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