Liam Gallagher plans to hide from hard Brian May after slamming Queen star

Liam Gallagher is preparing to run laps around Wembley Stadium in order to avoid legendary guitarist Brian May ahead of a memorial gig for the Foo Fighters' Taylor Hawkins.

The late drummer died in March 2022, aged 50, of a suspected heart attack after a "white powder" was discovered in his hotel room.

Medics at the time claimed that Taylor had suffered from chest pains ahead of his tragic death which left the world of music completely devastated.

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Now, to pay tribute to the star, his Foo Fighter bandmates are putting on a gig at Wembley Stadium to pay tribute to the musician.

On the night, fans will be treated to performances from Liam Gallagher, The Foo Fighters, Brian May and Travis Barker.

But Liam has admitted he is hoping to dodge Brian backstage after previously "slagging him off".

Speaking in 2017, Liam said: "Brian May's guitar sound sounds like he's got it clogged in his a*s."

Now, he's shared his plans during an appearance on Johnny Vaughan's Radio X show, saying: "I'm hiding from him [Brian May] because I've slagged him off, so if I do see him I'll be putting me hood up and running off.

"He's tall, man, he's tall. just can't be a***d with the hassle, so if I see him I'll just blame it on our kid [Noel], say it was our kid who slagged him off."

But Brian isn't the only member of Queen who Liam doesn't want to come into contact with, admitting he "probably" has to hide from Roger Taylor.

"Obviously it's a tribute, we do what we've got to do, and I’m privileged to be doing it," he added before clarifying: "I ain't running scared from Queen, I'm just saying we don't want to be getting into altercations on a tribute night, do we?"

Liam admits that he and Taylor weren't "bezzie mates" but the pair would often phone one another at "stupid o'clock" to discuss rock and roll before adding it was "sad" that he had passed away.

Speaking to Taylor for Magnet magazine about Queen, Liam once said: "Do I like Queen? Uh, not really, no. I mean, I get Freddie Mercury has a great voice and all that.

"Obviously, they've got some great songs but I do find them a bit Queen-y, listen, they're a top band and obviously, they've got great songs, but I don't know, man."

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