Naked Attractions Anna Richardson tragic split from Sue Perkins after 8 years

Naked Attraction is a beast of its own, with the show immediately becoming a must-watch for its absurd premise.

Now, it’s back on Channel 4 for its 10th season, and Anna Richardson is returning to host the show.

In 2021, Anna confirmed her split from Sue Perkins, ending one of UK TV’s biggest power couples.

The two kept the details of their relationship quiet, with neither openly commentated on the situation after news broke in June of last year.

That changed earlier this year, when Anna finally opened up about the situation in a candid interview.

Why did Anna Richardson and Sue Perkins split?

Between the years of 2014 and 2021, Anna and Sue Perkins were in a relationship after meeting at a Halloween party.

Previously, Anna was in a relationship with drama director Charles Martin, with the part being together for 18 years but ultimately separated because he was “away all the time”.

In 2015, Anna told the Daily Mail that she was keen to start a family with Sue after they had moved in together in north London.

She said: "I think because I'm 45 now I'm thinking long and hard about fostering and adopting. It would be nice to create a little unit."

However, this was not meant to be, as the pair split last year.

After the breakup, a source close to the two told The Sun: "It's really sad, both Anna and Sue are devastated.

"We're all hoping they can patch things up and sort out their differences but for now it appears to be all over."

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According to The Mirror, the relationship ultimately broke down because of their different opinions on having children.

Sue was allegedly holding off having kids because of her ‘work schedule and travelling’, said a source.

In May 2022, Anna opened up about breaking up at this stage in her life.

In an interview with The Mirror, she said: "No one can ever prepare you for it.

"Even when it happens a handful of times in your life, you never quite get used to it.

"I suppose I don’t know whether you become more resilient as you get older, but heartbreak definitely is still that mystery that needs to be solved, and how to get over it and become stronger."

Who is Anna Richardson dating now?

Following the split, Anna has remained single, and it isn’t clear if she is dating anyone right now.

She still has some major relationship goals for the future though, as in an interview with the Daily Express, she emphasised how much she wants children.

Anna explained: "I'm still pursuing that, I am very much in touch with Adoption UK because I did a podcast for them last year.

"I'm very keen to press ahead with creating a family, yes."

*Naked Attraction airs tonight at 10pm on Channel 4

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