NCT 127 Reveal Their Personal 'Heaven' and Details of 'Highway to Heaven' Music Video Shoot

K-Pop boy band NCT 127 are making their mark in the United States!

PEOPLE spoke to the group — comprising Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Winwin, Jungwoo, Mark and Haechan — following the release of the music video for “Highway to Heaven.”

The 10-person boy band spent some time at the Mojave Desert shooting the track’s second music video — a completely new and exciting experience for the group.

“The location looked like it was straight out of a painting,” Doyoung tells PEOPLE. “The weather was scorching hot, but it was one of those sceneries where your eyes felt really refreshed because of the view.”

“It was very different from Korea, so everything was new to us,” Mark adds. “It seemed like an amazing place to drive by and to have the wind breezing all around you.”

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The video follows the crew as they explore the gorgeous desert scenery, hike up rock formations and cruise down the highway. And of course, the group assembles for its unmatched choreographed moves.

“The sun was out the whole time so we knew even while filming the video that the aesthetics would be on point,” says Johnny. “The hardest part was dancing in the sand because it was very hot!”

Following the “Highway to Heaven” themes, the group also opened up about where heaven on Earth is for them.

“I’d say my mom’s arms,” says Taeyong. “It’s a place I always miss and a place where I always feel safe no matter what.”

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“The samgyupsal [grilled pork belly] restaurant!” laughs Haechan. “Heaven on earth is truly this — where there’s delicious food and my heart is happy!”

“Heaven on earth would be music — especially our music,” explains Johnny. “Something that can really just let you be yourself.”

The English version of the We Are Superhuman track comes after their collaboration with “Sweet but Psycho” singer Ava Max on “So Am I.”

The group also just finished touring the world — including a dozen stops in North America, and it’s an experience that Yuta describes as “unforgettable.”

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“Touring the U.S. was a real journey for us,” explains Johnny. “We experienced so many new things, and we were able to connect with our fans in the U.S. on a different level.”

“To have the opportunity to physically feel and witness our U.S. fans during the tour was really an irreplaceable feeling,” adds Mark. “I just hope our fans all over the world know that we are very thankful for them. To receive their support was very encouraging and all we can do to show our gratitude is by working harder and bringing our fans new and better music.”

NCT 127 is currently up for a 2019 Teen Choice Award in the International Artist category and for the Best K-Pop category for their track “Regular” at the MTV Video Music Awards.

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