Olivia Attwood says ‘toxic’ Chris Hughes romance pushed her back to Bradley Dack

Olivia Attwood called Chris Hughes "toxic" as she slammed her ex-boyfriend in an explosive new interview.

The argumentative and "all-consuming" relationship pushed her back into the arms of her then-ex Bradley Dack, she said.

The star is now loved up with her footballer fiancé and they look set to get hitched next month.

Now she has lifted the lid on what life was like with Chris.

Olivia says she doesn't row with the midfielder, who now has two months off to prepare for their wedding following the end of the football season.

Speaking to MailOnline, the 30-year-old reality babe confessed that she and Chris "argued constantly" and says things are so much better now.

It's different with Blackburn midfielder Bradley, who she says she doesn't argue with.

She said: "Sometimes that's what happens and it pushes you back to your ex. After that, we needed a good year to find our footing as a couple again. I still wasn't sure.

"It was toxic with Chris and we argued a lot. I never had that problem with Brad, we never argued."

Stunning Olivia went on to explain that she was "incompatible" with Chris.

She says once the pair had left the villa they found that things were "very different in the real world".

The star hopes to get married next month, saying: "We are still aiming for the wedding to be this summer in June when all the restrictions hopefully end.

"I would love to still get married this summer. We want to carry on as we planned."

Olivia was gutted when she had to cancel her wedding last year amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Initially, they planned to have the wedding in Portugal with a reality star guest list but have now decided to wed in the UK.

They have yet to announce the date for their big day.

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