Panicked Stacey Solomon fans message Joe Swash as she takes Instagram break

Stacey Solomon made headlines this week when she announced she was taking a social media break, stepping away from her phone for three days.

Concerned about the 31-year-old star, Stacey's fans decided to reach out to her boyfriend Joe Swash to check up on the Loose Women panellist.

Joe, 38, was surprised to receive swarms of messages from her fans, and so shared a photo of Stacey to assure them she was doing okay.

With the doting mum pictured sleeping with her son Rex, one, by her side, Joe let fans know the former X Factor star was “safe and sound”.

He explained: "I just sat here and had a look at my inbox for the first time ever and there's about a thousand million messages asking about this one!

“So here she is! Safe and sound and catching flies!"

Stacey has racked up a whopping 3.8million Instagram followers over recent years, thanks to her funny and relatable approach to documenting her life.

The mum-of-three, who is loved for her arts and crafts tips on the platform, announced she was taking a break from posting on Thursday, as she dropped her phone off at the repair shop.

She explained: "I'm off to work and I'm handing my phone in for repair.

"I've been putting it off for AGES because I hate being without my phone and without guys.

"It may not be back until Saturday so if I don't get to come on here until then I just wanted to say…"

Reassuring fans, Stacey let her followers know she would miss them, saying: “Sounds silly I know, but I feel like I have so many amazing friends on here and hate not being able to come on and have fun with you.”

Since then, the ITV star has clearly been enjoying some family time in her Essex home, which she shares with Rex, Joe, her two sons Zachary, 12 and Leighton, eight, and Joe's son Harry, 13.

This isn't the first time Stacey has taken a break from Instagram this year – during the summer, she took a couple of days of rest from posting as she headed on an unusual family holiday with her boys.

Breaking the news to fans, she announced: "I'm going to be off my stories this weekend because there's this Pokémon festival. So I'm going to be Pokémon hunting."

Stacey added: “The boys are so, so, so excited so no time for videos, I'll just be hunting Pokémon. Love you all to the moon and back, see you on Monday."

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