Peter Andre admits home-schooling kids was ‘passion killer’ with wife Emily

Peter Andre has revealed that home-schooling his kids during the lockdown has been somewhat of a "passion killer".

The 48-year-old Mysterious Girl singer and his junior doctor wife Emily MacDonagh had initially considered having more children, however, plans might have changed three lockdowns on.

Peter and Emily are proud parents to Amelia, seven, and Theo, four, while Pete also co-parents his older kids Junior, 15, and Princess, 13, with ex Katie Price.

Speaking to The Sun, the dad of four joked that home-schooling had become "the new garlic" and has made him think twice about expanding his brood.

“Home-schooling is the new garlic!” he said.

“If you could see the madness in this house the last thing you’d want to think about is having more children."

Reflecting on how their plans had changed since the start of the pandemic, Peter added that by the most recent lockdown it felt like a "crazy idea" to consider having more children.

“We spoke about it during the first lockdown. We thought, ‘Ah, this is great, we’re all together’"

“Emily was still working hard but during those off times it was like a summer holiday at home.

“But by the third lockdown we were like, ‘Right, OK, maybe this is a really crazy idea’.”

Peter, who previously detailed his battle with Covid-19, and Emily have been very open about their baby plans in the past but also seem undecided as to whether they will have more babies.

At the end of last year, Emily had hinted that the couple might try for another child after their youngest Theo turned four.

Today, as children around the UK returned to education, Peter also revealed that all four of his children had finally returned to school.

"All 4 kids back at school …… Let's just take a minute," he wrote on his Instagram page.

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