Princess Diana would be shaking her head at flop Meghan Markle says psychic

Real Housewives of Cheshire's Deborah Davies has shared an insight on what she believes Diana, Princess of Wales would be thinking about her daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle.

The psychic medium who recently launched her Unexplained Deaths & Mysteries podcast believes Prince Harry's mother would not be impressed by the former Suits actress.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Debbie shared her thoughts on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, saying: "I think the pair of them have had a massive shock to be honest.

"I think they thought they were going to go to America and be the next Kardashians with a royal twist and it's been a humongous flop, people did like Prince Harry.

"The reason for that is Meghan Markle is the biggest gold-digger possible, she's so fame-hungry – she thought she could take on the Royal Family and be bigger than them."

Debbie added: "I think that was her intention when she married Harry, she thought I'm going to be viewed as the Queen but she couldn't be.

"I think she thought everybody would love her far more than Kate, she can't see that people are looking at her true personality and that's why she's not succeeded in what she's done.

"She has tried to damage and hurt the Royal Family and unfortunately for her, it's not damaged them because people can see her for what she is, she's falling flat on her face.

"There's nothing that she could do now to turn herself into what she wants to be which is a royal Kim Kardashian."

Sharing her psychic beliefs on what Diana would think, Debbie said: "I'm sure Princess Diana is sat up there on a cloud somewhere shaking her head with a hand over her face thinking 'What on Earth?!'"

Discussing her new podcast that will see Debbie team up with a former head of a police murder squad Chris Ward and a former police officer, Ian Kirke, she said: "It came about because I've got a really passionate interest in everything to do with crime.

"In terms of murders, serial killers, unsolved murders – just everything to do with the crime side and an interest in missing people."

One episode sees Debbie look into the death of David Plunkett in 2004 in the Manchester Ship Canal, which Debbie believes was caused by an unholy being.

Discussing David's case, she said: "We spoke about how his parents had a strange call from him in the early hours of the morning where his mother described hearing the most unholy screams for a prolonged period of time.

"It was heard by the 999 operator too because his parents had two phones and they had 999 on one phone and David on the other, that 999 operator was so distressed she gave her job up after that happened."

While some claim there is a mystery "Canal Pusher", Debbie said: "I'm putting everything together and everything that I know that people have told me about various locations at the Manchester Ship Canal and having been there myself as well, I'm saying that there is something unholy there and it's more than capable

"It's kind of a bit of a chilling warning really, it is more than capable of moving one person from one place to another in the blink of an eye and causing a loss of life."

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