R & Beef? Drake and Chris Brown Recast Their Alleged 2012 Brawl as a Dance Battle in New Video

Drake and Chris Brown have left it all out on the dance floor.

The two music stars released the new video for their hit song “No Guidance” on Friday and it would seem that after years of rumored tensions between them, all is well.

The song, which recently went platinum after being released in May, marks the first known time the two have collaborated. This notably comes after the 2012 New York City nightclub brawl that allegedly involved Drake and Brown and their entourages.

At the time a rep for Drake denied he was involved, and said he was leaving the club when the fight broke out. Brown took to social media with a photo of a gash on his chin. It was rumored at the time that the melee ensued after words were exchanged between the two stars, who both have dated superstar Rihanna.

In the years following, the two exchanged thinly veiled barbs in songs and on social media, but fans sensed a reconciliation coming after Brown was reportedly spotted partying with Drake at the rapper’s New Year’s Eve party in December.

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In the new 10-minute video, the musicians poke fun at their rumored beef. When both men enter a multi-level outdoor club they warn their entourage members to be ready. “If my boy is here tonight and it has to go down, then it’s going down, I promise,” Drake tells his friend in the opening scene.

And after the two croon “You got it girl” to their respective love interests that night, it does go down—hilariously so. Drake, 32, uses a young companion to throw disses Brown’s way, but Brown, 30, uses his own talents and challenges Drake to a dance battle.

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Despite a valiant effort (that involves a pop-locking hand snake!) the “God’s Plan” rapper proves no match for Brown’s smooth moves. The two hug it out and appear to bury the hatchet, both on screen and off.

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