Rebecca Black Celebrates 10 Years of 'Friday' with Club-Ready Remix and 2010s Meme-Filled Video

It's (almost) Friday!

On Wednesday, Rebecca Black — the YouTuber responsible for the viral track "Friday" — in 2011 — released a remix for the song in celebration of its 10-year anniversary and RIAA Gold-certification.

Using the original audio from "Friday," the 2021 revamp offers the essence of a wild Friday night at the gay club and the nostalgia of being raised in the age of the internet. Its eccentric music video pays homage to the track's original lyrics and the cartoon memes of the dawn of the internet age. (It also follows Black riding a car with her Gold-certified plaque.)

"Friday has this accidental campiness that was a part of making it what it was, and through the years, camp has been something I've only further tried to embrace," Black, 23, said in a press release.

The song, and its accompanying music video, feature the likes of Big Freedia, Dorian Electra and 3OH!3, whose hit songs came around the same time as Black's "Friday" (remember 2008's "DONTTRUSTME"?).

"It's 10 years later, now it's 3OH!3 on Friday / I'm sick of living through this Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays," sings Sean Foreman, who appears as the moon in the music video. "But then Thursday comes along and we are saying / 'Friday, here comes f—ing Friday.'"

Then comes Big Freedia, "'Nother weekend so fun, let your freak flag fly (Flag fly) / Make it clap like you're grateful / Make it clap like you're blessed / Make it clap-clap, dance in your backseat, ain't nobody strapped / And you know why because it's…" before Black jumps into the song's infamous chorus.

On Tuesday, the singer teased the remix, sharing a photo of herself holding her RIAA Gold-certification plaque.

"Been cooking up a very special remix featuring some iconic people……… drops on the 10 year anniversary TOMORROW NIGHT," she teased.

Last year, to celebrate nine years of the song, Black tweeted the advice she'd give her 13-year-old self.

"9 years ago today a music video for a song called 'friday' was uploaded to the internet," Black, now 22, wrote in a message on Twitter. "Above all things, I just wish I could go back and talk to my 13-year-old self who was terribly ashamed of herself and afraid of the world. To my 15-year-old self who felt like she had nobody to talk to about the depression she faced," she added. "To my 17-year-old self who would get to school only to get food thrown at her and her friends."

"To my 19-year-old self who had almost every producer/songwriter tell me that they'd never work with me," she continued. "Hell, to myself a few days ago who felt disgusting when she looked in the mirror!"

"I'm trying to remind myself more and more that every day is a new opportunity to shift your reality and lift your spirit," she went on. "You are not defined by any one choice or thing. Time heals and nothing is finite. It's a process that's never too late to begin."

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