RHOCH Katie slams taboo on getting designer vagina and says its incredible

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Katie Alex has explained she's not afraid to talk about women's cosmetic procedures including vaginal rejuvenation.

Katie, 32, is just one of few Ultra Femme 360 practitioners in the UK – a divide which is used to restore vaginal tightness and also treat incontinence.

The blonde bombshell who trained as a nurse opened Katie Alex Aesthetics in Altrincham following the birth of her daughter four years ago.

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Having worked as a nurse and health visitor, the entrepreneur is no stranger to speaking candidly and she hopes her appearance on the show will help other women.

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star about the topic of vagina procedures being spoken about on reality shows, she says it's "absolutely" helped business.

Katie continued: "I still feel there's a massive taboo out there about intimate rejuvenation, vaginal rejuvenation – whichever term you want to use.

"I don't necessarily just do the aesthetic side of things, by that, I don't mean I just shrink women's labia and give them a designer vagina.

"I also treat ladies that are suffering from stress incontinence that is impacting their daily lives."

Sharing a staggering statistic, the mum-of-one explained: "Over 70% of women at some point in their life suffer from stress urinary incontinence, and it is still very much taboo and we don't talk about it.

"So I am hoping that because I'm quite open about it on the show, that it will get women talking about their issues, and actually made them realise that there is help out there which doesn't involve risky surgical procedures."

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But while many would assume vagina rejuvenation involves painful surgery, she explained: "Mine's non-surgical, there is no downtime, we're not using a laser, there's no anaesthetic.

"They can literally come in on their lunchtime and go back to work – it's really incredible."

Elsewhere, Katie reflected on filming with Lauren Simon – the ex-girlfriend of her husband, Mason.

"It's not really what people think, I've known Lauren for a while," she said before adding: "my husband has, she's a friend of the family.

"Equally when I say a friend of the family, we've socialised, it's not like, I've just done a scene and I'm filming with somebody who dated my husband many years ago and they've not seen each other in all these years.

"It's not quite like that but it's still difficult for people to understand and there's a little bit more to it, it's a very interesting dynamic."


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