Sara Davies swipes at know it all contestants as theyre not worth effort

Sara Davies admitted "know it all" contestants on Dragons' Den are "not worth" her putting the effort in.

The BBC entrepreneur, who has recently teamed up with Hasbro to launch the children's game, My First Monopoly, has been a panel member on the show since 2019.

The Durham native also runs a successful crafting company which she founded in 2005 which she juggles with being a loving mum to her two boys aged eight and five.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Star, Sara, 38, admitted that she looks out for certain things in Dragons' Den contestants and revealed she is put off by budding entrepreneurs who come across as a bit of a "know it all".

She explained: "You can immediately see if they're a bit full of it, then it comes down to the pitch and they'll get a bit of a grilling, and if they are a little bit full of it, you can see their eyes glazing over."

Sara went on to say what she thinks happens once this type of contestant leaves without an investment.

The mum-of-two said: "I know fine well they're gonna walk out of there and talk to Evan, and if they haven't got investment they'll say, 'ah we don't need them, you know it's water off a duck's back, they just don't get the business'.

"You can see them coming a mile off," she quipped.

The BBC star explained that even if they don't get an investment, the time contestants get to spend with the entrepreneurs is a "privilege."

The Strictly Come Dancing star explained: "It's an absolute privilege.

"For them to come through the lift doors and have up to two hours with five of the biggest entrepreneurs and some of the most successful business people in the country – even if they come away without investment, that alone should be so valuable to their company."

The We Can All Make It author went on: "If you can tell that they're not really processing it, I always think, well you're not worth me putting my effort into even giving you feedback on the business."

The crafting company founder revealed that the key to success on the show is passion, and even having "the best product in the world" is sometimes not enough to secure an investment.

Sara said: "You could have the best product in the world, but if that entrepreneur is lacking passion and drive and enthusiasm, it's going to go nowhere.

"I've seen pitches where they've come in the den where it's been an unbelievable product and there's a real gap in the market, but then the entrepreneurs really lack lustre, and I just think you're never gonna make a success of this business."

Sara recently partnered with Hasbro to launch My First Monopoly which is a fun and educational board game for young tycoons in the making.

The 38-year-old revealed that she rarely does brand campaigns and generally only gets involved with products or companies that she is really passionate about.

Speaking about the product, she said: "I am so passionate and excited about it, and as soon as I saw it I knew it would be absolutely brilliant."

The Dragon's Den star admitted that she played the game nearly every day with her family over Easter and it "took [her] back to all the excitement" that she used to love when she would play Monopoly with her family when she was younger.

She went on to say that she is "the perfect person" for this campaign and she "couldn't speak more passionately" about it because she knows how brilliant it is going to be.

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