Shirley Ballas punched woman in face for bragging she ‘f***ed her husband’

Strictly Come Dancing's Shirley Ballas punched a love rival in the face at a posh dance awards ceremony for drunkenly bragging to her: “I f****d your husband.”

The Strictly Come Dancing judge said she was confronted by the mistress of her second husband, American dancer Corky Ballas, after she started to suspect he had been cheating.

Shirley, 60, revealed: “He increasingly started making excuses for not coming home.

“There was one woman in particular he knew, a promising young dancer who had caught his eye.

“He told me he couldn’t come home because he was ‘fixing her light bulbs’.

“Well, word got out and Corky’s excuse became a running joke in our industry as a euphemism for bad behaviour – funny now, humiliating at the time.”

Things came to a head when Shirley and Corky attended the British National Dance Champions.

Shirley – now happily dating actor Daniel Taylor, 48 – added in her new memoir, Behind The Sequins: “The woman in question sidled up to me, clearly the worse for a drink or two, and said, ‘You and I need to talk.’

“I tried to duck it, saying I had nothing to say to her, but she refused to budge.

“Suddenly, it seemed as if everything went into slow motion as I turned round to face her, just as she said, ‘You need to get used to the fact that I f****d your husband.’

“There was a little white angel on one of my shoulders, and a little red angel on the other one. The white angel told me, ‘Keep walking,’ while the red angel said, ‘Sock her in the gob.’ So that’s what I did.

“I punched her and she rolled away.

“I’m not proud.

“All I could hear around me were people whispering, ‘Is that Shirley Ballas?’ Needless to say, I did not return to my front-row seat.”

Shirley added her 23-year marriage to Corky was characterised by his bullying, which included making her feel as if she needed boob implants and was fat.

She revealed she later had her implants removed as she feared they may cover up signs of breast cancer.

And the ex-pro dancer reveals in her new memoir Behind The Sequins she has endured a lifetime of trauma, from a broke childhood and deadbeat dad to the suicide of her brother David and a lifelong battle with anxiety.

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