The Apprentice has been pushed back until next year due to Covid

The Apprentice fans are sure to be saddened to learn that the show will not be airing this year.

The 16th series of the hit BBC show will instead be pushed back to 2022 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to The Sun Lord Alan Sugar said: “I think you’ll see it in the early part of next year, in fact, that’s the plan.

“If things go well, and there’s no outbreaks or third waves, we’re planning to start recording later this year and it should be just after Christmas that they’ll start it again.”

This marks a sharp reversal from March, where he vowed that The Apprentice would be “back on air this year” after voicing his disappointment at the delay.

The pandemic has also caused him issues with his businesses, admitting that several are struggling including the most recent winner Carina Lepore’s Dough Bakehouse venture.

He confessed some of his previous winners have benefited because their online business has gone up but that the bakery had “suffered”.

But Lord Sugar said he would not be accepting excuses from his business partners saying that they have been told that if they fail and use up all his money, then it is over for them.

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When the show returns he will not be taking on anyone slacking after he voiced his anger at the 'work from hom'e culture that has emerged from lockdown.

He said there was a lack of hunger these days and people searching for “cushier” jobs.

Lord Sugar continued: “I’ve seen this in some of our companies where we’re losing staff because they think, ‘Bloody hell, he actually wants me to work.

"I think I’ll go to Google where it’s one big party. Bloody cheek’. That’s the attitude we’re seeing at the moment. They have to keep me away from these people because it infuriates me.

“I really admire those who say, ‘I want to be amongst people, exchange views and ideas,’ not send a few emails from home then watch the cricket on the side. There are people that like to work and there are people that like to shirk. We soon find out who they are.”

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