The Beatles Get Back does not show Fab Four break-up

The Beatles: Get Back preview clip

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In 1970 The Beatles released a documentary movie titled Let It Be, which was directed by Michael Lindsay-Hogg. The film showed the band recording their final album of the same name. Included in the movie were various arguments between the band’s members – mostly George Harrison and Paul McCartney. It has long been thought to show the slow but sure demise of the Fab Four as a band. The upcoming docu-series, Get Back, is attempting to set the record straight once and for all.

Directed by the Lord of the Rings director Jackson, Get Back delves into dozens of hours of unseen footage from the recording sessions of Let It Be.

Although the original documentary painted a bleak picture of the band on their last legs, Jackson has revealed his rendition is vastly different.

Speaking in a new interview, the director said: “Our movie doesn’t show the breaking up of The Beatles.

“It shows the one singular moment in history that you could possibly say was the beginning of the end.” (Via The New York Times)

Jackson continued: “You see these four great friends, great musicians, who just lock in and develop these songs, and you see it all on screen.

“There’s no goodies in it. There’s no baddies. There’s no villains. There’s no heroes. It’s just a human story.”

With this, he added: “It shows everything that Michael Lindsay-Hogg could not show in 1970. It’s a very unflinching look at what goes on.”

The Beatles: Get Back trailer released by Disney

Despite the fact Jackson claims there were no “culprits” to the band’s split, as it were, the original movie’s cinematographer had a different perspective.

Tony Richmond, who shot Let It Be, recently told the Daily Express that the band – apart from Ringo Starr – were “not getting along”.

He said: “There’s a lot of stuff that you didn’t see. There’s much more stuff going on towards the end of the break-up.

“You can see they weren’t getting along together. It was very difficult, you know?”

Richmond, who is the New York Film Academy’s Chair of Cinematography, added: “It was evident that they were going to break up, so yes it was going to be massive.

“Let It Be was a dark, gritty piece, and Jackson has taken the 56 hours of unseen footage – well it was only unseen because it was the outtakes of the stuff we didn’t use on the original.”

However Jackson’s final three-part docu-series is released on Disney Plus, he has been left thrilled by the experience of cutting together the show.

He recently said: “It’s sort of that one impossible fan dream.”

Jackson continued: “‘I wish I could go in a time machine and sit in the corner of the stage while they were working. Just for one day, just watch them, and I’ll be really quiet and sit there.’

“Well, guess what: the time machine’s here now.”

The Beatles Get Back hits Disney Plus on November 25, 26 and 27.


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