The Script not scared to get completely vulnerable when working on new music

Nothing is off the table when The Script are working on new music, no matter how personal.

The band are in the middle of a UK and Irish arena tour but can’t wait to get back in the studio.

And frontman Danny O’Donoughue isn’t afraid to show his ­vulnerability, telling his bandmates everything.

He told me: “I pride myself, and us as a band, in talking about the unsayable and just being so open.

“It’s what we have ­always done, no embarrassment, and as a man I feel manly enough to say ‘yes I am vulnerable’.

“I mean our first single was called We Cry!”

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Current album Sunsets & Full Moons deals with the death of Danny’s mother and some of it
is too difficult for him to play back.

He said: “There is stuf I couldn’t listen to – I had to walk out of the room. I couldn’t talk about it, I couldn’t talk about the idea of the video and that’s when you know you need to release it.

The boys played London’s O2 Arena at the weekend and they have a unique way of making each gig feel special.

Bandmate Mark Sheehan said: “I still don’t expect that there will be an audience ­waiting for us. We treat every release and every tour like this is our comeback.”

Danny laughed: “Yeah, but we come back every two years!”

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