Tiger King star Erik Cowies ashes to be spread alongside his favourite big cats

Tiger King star Erik Cowie's ashes will be "coming home" declares Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, as they announce the details of his memorial plans to fans on Facebook.

The zookeeper who made several appearances on Netflix's Tiger King last year, sadly passed away last week aged 53.

Speaking to online publication TMZ, law enforcement sources told the website that Erik was in New York visiting a friend at her apartment, where he was later found dead.

TMZ sources claimed there was nothing suspicious about the star's death and no drugs were found on the scene.

On Sunday, Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park took to Facebook to inform fans of Erik's upcoming memorial service.

They wrote: "We are incredibly happy to let everyone know, Erik Cowie will be coming home. We will hold a memorial service for him at the new park with close friends and staff members.

"His ashes will be spread along with two of his favourite big cats so he will forever be with them. This will also be streamed LIVE for those who would like to watch on Facebook (here) & Instagram (TigerKingPark).

They finished off by saying: "Date & Time will be listed later this week."

Erik was often cited as the head keeper of Joe Exotic's big cats.

The tiger fanatic stuck around to work at the GW Zoo even after his friend Joe got thrown into prison.

Erik also testified against Joe in court stating he'd previously seen Joe order some of the zoo animals to be shot and killed, which also contributed to Joe's conviction.

At the time, Erik told news reporters: "Those cats trusted me and so they could look me in the eye when they died.

"I was the guy that was right there, that means a minute to me, a heavy minute."

Towards the end of the Netflix show, Erik was seen working at a restaurant before it was later revealed he was in fact still working at GW Zoo which was now managed by Jeff Lowe.

Ahead of the zoo being taken over by Lowe, he is believed to have told his new boss: "I don't care about you, I don't care about Joe, I'm here for the cats. These are my kids out here."

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