Vanessa Feltz issues warning over Huw Edwards scandal and riddled TV industry

Former BBC host Vanessa Feltz has warned celebrities must become more authentic as the Beeb deals with the allegations that Huw Edwards paid a teen for sexually explicit images.

The 61-year-old also works on This Morning, which is still reeling from the revelation that ex-host Phillip Schofield had an affair with a younger male member of staff behind his wife’s back.

Vanessa says: “Does it feel as if I work in an industry which is riddled with that sort of thing? Yes.

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“People will forgive you anything if you’re authentic but not if you’re trying to pull the wool over their eyes.

“When it was Harvey Weinstein it seemed as if it was a Hollywood movie star, grade A celebrity thing. I knew it wasn’t.

“In those days I had my radio show on BBC London and I asked listeners if it had happened in your geography department or dry cleaners or wherever you work and I got inundated.

“I think if I worked in any other industry, it would be exactly the same unfortunately.”

Singer Jennifer Lopez was recently slammed for putting her name to a booze range when she previously said she didn’t drink.

Her husband Ben Affleck is a recovering alcoholic who has spent time in and out of rehab battling his addiction problems.

And Vanessa says: “Very famous people launching an alcohol brand when they don’t drink – that’s absolutely ridiculous.

“Why should people buy something from you that you wouldn’t buy yourself? That’s absurd.

“You’re rightly open to criticism, so I would be very careful not to do anything like that.

“I’d love to do a range of dresses because the response I get is stratospheric every day. I haven’t been offered that but it would flow from my real life, which I really like.”

Vanessa, who is set to appear on Celebs Go Dating after ditching her cheating ex Ben Ofoedu, has undergone both gastric band and gastric bypass surgery, and struggled with yo-yo dieting.

But she’s been able to overhaul her eating habits since quitting her BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio London shows last July for Talk TV.

Vanessa says: “I’ve had a massive turnaround. I used to be on air live at 4am every weekday for 12 years. My body clock was all round the wrong way.

“Knowing when to eat was difficult, being able to sleep was virtually impossible and the whole thing was a complete nightmare for 12 years.”

But speaking about her success, Vanessa adds: “In my career there have been loads of people who have fallen by the wayside for different reasons and some who have disappeared for no reason.

“They didn’t do anything wrong and were good presenters, but somehow you never see them again and are not sure why.

“I’ve always been very pleased to be employed, flattered and relieved – and long may it continue!”

Vanessa has teamed up with plant-based food pioneer Gosh! as a town crier to call out the bad lunchtime habits of Britain’s workers.

Research found 33% never leave their home or office during a working day and only 14% take a lunch break away from their desk.

Vanessa adds: “It’s not good for you – it ruins your mood and your energy.

“It’s a shame not to factor in a moment to have lunch, get outside and regroup.”

Vanessa now tries to make healthy lunch choices, saying: “I need something that will leave me full of energy but not leave me full of remorse and the boring old guilt trip.

“As a lifetime weight problem person, I know about that internal dialogue where you’re wishing you hadn’t done it the whole time.

“It’s exhausting and debilitating. I’ve had it with that – it’s such a dreary way of living your life.”

Vanessa Feltz is working with plant-based food brand Gosh! encouraging Brits to love their lunchtime again with their healthy and nutritious food range. For more information visit

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