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6 reasons why Debbie Webster should buy the Rovers Return in Corrie

The Connors have called time at the Rovers and the pub is going up for sale. But who will be the new owner of Coronation Street’s premier boozer? We’ve no doubt got weeks of wrangling ahead of us, but surely business supremo Debbie Webster is the ideal person to take ownership?

We know that Sue Devaney has recently signed a new contract to remain on the ITV soap but not enough is currently being done with her on-screen alter-ego. However, if Debbie became the new landlady, she’d be a sure-fire hit. Don’t believe me? Then just consider these potential plotlines:

Ray’s revenge

Every Rovers boss gets the opportunity to prove their worth in a crisis and, with Debbie, that crunch point could come in the form of an armed siege at Christmas. And the person with their finger on the trigger? Why, wicked Ray Crosby, of course, who is smuggled out of prison after paying off a corrupt warden.

Heading straight to the Street, a vengeful and unhinged Ray decides to wreak revenge on the person who he blames for his incarceration: Debbie. Finding out that she’s now running the Rovers, Ray incapacitates the man booked to be the pub’s Santa and takes on the role in the grotto himself. Only, just as Debbie is about to close up for the night, Father Christmas reveals that he has an extra special present for the landlady: a loaded shotgun. Cue a showdown that ends up putting many lives in danger during a tense not-so-festive week.

Debbie and Kevin’s brother Carl arrives

There’s a Webster reunion when Debbie and Kevin’s younger brother Carl turns up out of the blue, having lived most of his life up until now in Germany.

Now in his mid-30s, Carl is the fun-loving life and soul of any party and Debbie instals him behind the bar in the belief that he’ll be good for business. But Kevin is suspicious and thinks that Carl is out to make a fast buck. After voicing his concerns, Debbie sides with Carl and a fault line soon emerges in the family. The viewers then learn that Carl isn’t exactly being truthful about why he left Germany – and the trouble he thought was in his past ends up resurfacing on these shores…

Fiz and Alina become barmaids

Sean and Daisy get in too deep with Double Glammy and end up taking money from the Rovers till in order to fund their supply of cosmetics. Debbie’s reaction is to banish the pair from the pub, but this decision leaves her short of two staff members.

In a panic, she ends up giving shifts to Fiz (who needs some cash to support the kids) and Alina (who wants money to give her flat a total redesign). But what Debbie hasn’t factored in is the hostility between the two women and, soon enough, a stressed-out Emma finds she’s having to play peacemaker. After Emma makes a complaint, it’s left to Debbie to bang some heads together in order to get her new Rovers team to gel.

Betty’s Hot Pot is off the menu

Believing that the Rovers is stuck in the past, Debbie decides to modernise and bring it into the 21st century. Her answer? To turn the Rovers into an offshoot of the already well-established Bistro. But renaming it ‘Bistro Too’ proves to be a step too far for some of the regulars. And while punters like Dev and Carla can’t help but admire Debbie’s entrepreneurial spirit, old guard drinkers like Ken, Rita and Kevin are up in arms.

The breaking point comes when Debbie strikes Betty’s hot pot from the menu and starts serving up sushi at lunchtime instead. ‘Shu-shi? What do I want flamin’ shu-shi for?’ Kevin could rage, steam rising from the fabric of his purple bomber jacket.

Debbie’s new romance

Having always prioritised business over personal happiness, Debbie starts to fear that she’s left it too late to find a partner. But at a Rovers relaunch party, Debbie finds herself quite taken with Gregory, the handsome and successful caterer who she’s booked to produce food for the event.

Deciding that a little bit of what you fancy does you no harm, Debbie ends up doing some after-hours celebrating with Gregory. The impromptu dalliance leads to her making some further dates with this Corrie newcomer who, as the weeks progress, becomes an increasingly familiar face at the Rovers, even though his ribald patter leaves barmaid Emma disconcerted.

Then, one night, Gregory is the victim of an attack in the ginnel by a man who tells him that the beating is ‘for Rachel’. Eventually, it’s revealed that Rachel is a member of Gregory’s staff whose life he’s been making a misery with unwanted sexual advances. And it seems Rachel is not alone… Might Debbie have got herself involved with a man who harasses the women on his workforce?

The Rovers Olympics           

After a trying year that has kept many behind closed doors or at a social distance, new landlady Debbie decides to make a splash by organising a community event tied to the Olympics. But what she hasn’t counted on is the competitive streak of her punters.

As brothers Nick and David get into training for the 100m sprint, Steve and Dev find themselves rivals in a cycling contest. Tyrone, meanwhile, slips a disc while practising the shot-put, and Tracy and Carla take aim in an archery competition. But it’s Mary who ends up getting unexpectedly caught in their crossfire. Debbie, though, just hopes that all the exercise will result in her neighbours working up a thirst.

Ready, steady, sup!

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