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‘90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way:’ Why Did Ariela’s First Marriage to Ex-husband Leandro End?

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way fans are wondering why Ariela Weinberg’s marriage to her ex-husband, Leandro Fosque ended? After a decade together, they split up for various reasons but have managed to stay best friends. What caused them to end their marriage?

Ariela invites her ex-husband Leandro to visit her and Biniyam in Ethiopia

In season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Ariela had spoken briefly about her first marriage to her Argentinian ex-husband, Leandro. However, in this season of The Other Way, Leandro takes the front seat in Ariela and Biniyam Shibre’s storyline. In the first episode, which aired on August 28th, Ariela is talking to her live-in Nanny, Mimi, about how lonely she’s been. She revealed that her ex-husband will be traveling all of the way from America to Ethiopia to come visit her and meet Biniyam and her son, Avi.

While Ariela is over the moon excited to see her ex-husband again, her current fiancé, Biniyam, isn’t. In the teaser for this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Biniyam and Leandro wrestle each other. It’s clear that Biniyam perceives Ariela’s ex-husband as a threat. However, Ariela is revealing some information about her and Leandro’s current friendship that had some 90 Day Fiancé fans raising their eyebrows. She told the TLC cameras that she and Leandro talk on the phone constantly and even more so when she’s fighting with Biniyam.

Why did Ariela and Leandro’s marriage end?

While Ariela and Leandro were video chatting, neither could stop smiling or giggling. So there is obvious chemistry between the two of them. What caused Ariela and Leandro’s marriage to end? Ariela explains that she married Leandro when she was 19-years-old. She said, “When I was 19 I was living and studying in Argentina when I met Leandro.” Ariela told TLC cameras, “I was young and immature, and I definitely rushed into a responsibility that I wasn’t ready for.”

Ariela moved Leandro to America with her on a spousal visa and the two were together for over a decade. She said She revealed, “We were married for like 10 years, but the last three years, we were not living together.” Ariela said that Leandro divorced in 2018 because they were headed in different directions. She explained, “I decided I wanted to travel and he wanted to focus on getting his doctorate.” Ariela concluded, “So we broke up but Leandro and I are still best friends.”

Ariela and Leandro remain ‘best friends’

Despite ending their marriage, Ariela and Leandro continued their friendship. While their friendship might seem too close for average ex-spouses, Ariela claims that there’s nothing more to the story. While on the phone with Leandro during the premiere episode, she accidentally almost called Leandro “babe” as she does with her fiancé, Biniyam. Their friendship remains strong through frequent texting and video calls between them.

It was even revealed that their friendship has gone beyond just online chatting. Biniyam’s sisters spilled the beans about Leandro’s visit with Ariela in New Jersey. Bini’s sister, Mimi, said, “I hear about what happened at New Jersey, so tell your man.” Mimi said, “They were together in one house, alone.” His other sister, Wish, confirmed, “You told me he stayed in your house alone, and you was five months pregnant or four months pregnant.” Ariela didn’t deny that she did have a visit with him, but she reassured Biniyam and his sisters that she and Leandro’s relationship is like “brother and sister.”

Some 90 Day Fiancé fans think the chemistry is stronger between Ariela and Leandro than with her actual partner, Biniyam. However, it’s clear that there’s a reason why she and Leandro are divorced now. Ariela told her husband that sometimes relationships are just better off as friendships.

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