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‘All a bit too much’ GMB’s Laura Tobin shares rare family insight with update on daughter

Laura Tobin, 39, decided to share a personal update about her young daughter Charlotte, four, during Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain. Presenter Sean Fletcher couldn’t help asking the meteorologist how her daughter’s first day of school went this week, labelling the milestone a “great occasion”. 

Good Morning Britain star Laura’s daughter Charlotte Blossom Brown has made the occasional appearance alongside her proud mother on the news programme since she was a baby. 

Speaking with presenter Sean on Wednesday’s show, the weather reporter opened up about Charlotte’s first day at school. 

Sean began: “Laura, I saw it was Charlotte’s first day of school yesterday.

“It’s always a great occasion for the parents and the child, isn’t it?”

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Laura smiled: “I mean, I know my whole feed has just been full of people and their children’s first day at school but this is a picture of my little Charlotte and I just think it’s a little bit more special all the viewers are aware she was born really prematurely so she was just born at 28 weeks.”

She continued: “So she was born in July, she should have been born in October.

“She was born in the completely wrong school year.”

Laura added: “So, I guess we always thought she would start school next year, September 2022, you can defer children in that situation.”

The mum-of-one detailed how Charlotte’s first day went as well as what her family felt about the milestone. 

Laura said “So, we were just so proud of her, she ran in, she just had two and a half hours, she came out, she had a fantastic time.

“She had a day off today because it was all a bit too much, then she goes back in tomorrow.”

A jubilant Laura added: “So yeah, it was a wonderful, wonderful day.”

Presenter Sean explained he could not believe how much Charlotte has grown up in the past few years. 

He added: “It’s amazing how the time flies. I can’t believe how much she’s grown.”

Charlotte was born at 27 weeks in July 2017 weighing just 2lb 8oz.

As a result, she had to be cared for in hospital for the first 83 days of her life – which Laura has previously stated was a very emotional time for her and her husband Dean Brown. 

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The ITV presenter shared a picture on her Instagram page the day before of Charlotte in her new school uniform. 

Laura wrote: “She has blown us all away with how she has developed, she is amazing, kind and clever and here we are starting school ‘early’.

“I didn’t dare dream about this day when she was born but now it’s reality-I’m a very proud mummy.”

Good Morning Britain airs from 6am to 9am on ITV with previous episodes available on ITV Hub.

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