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All Creatures Great and Smalls Rachel Shenton teases Helen will regret rejecting Hugh

All Creatures Great and Small: Season 2's happy ending

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All Creatures Great and Small is soon set to return to Channel 5 with a Christmas special, giving fans an insight into James Herriot (played by Nicholas Ralph) and Helen Alderson’s (Rachel Shenton) first festive season as a couple. The pair finally confessed their feelings for each other as series two drew to a close earlier this year. However, looking back on Helen’s complicated romantic history, actress Rachel Shenton has hinted she may “regret” leaving her former fiancé Hugh Holton (Matthew Lewis).

All Creatures Great and Small fans rejoiced when James and Helen finally became a couple in the second series of the hit Channel 5 drama.

Helen’s not had an easy ride when it comes to love as the 2020 Christmas special saw her dramatically call off her wedding to Hugh.

She’s now loved up with James and viewers are desperate to see the couple have a happy ending.

However, one star suggested Helen could soon come to regret her decision.

Rachel and Nicholas, who play James and Helen in the hit period drama, spoke out about their twisting storyline earlier this year.

Chatting on the Talkshire Podcast ahead of series two’s release, the acting duo detailed what fans can expect for their characters in the future.

The podcast host asked Nicholas to recap the storyline for listeners, reminding them of what their favourite characters got up to in the first series of the show.

“Helen ultimately doesn’t get married to Hugh Holton which is, you know, not a bad outcome for James,” Nicholas laughed.

“I reckon she’ll regret that!” Rachel remarked, sharing her thoughts on Helen’s future.

Nicholas explained series two is set four months on from the 2020 Christmas special.

Setting the scene, the actor said: “It’s April, there’s lambs around, it’s all very lovely.

“But, Helen’s kind of kept herself to herself, hasn’t she?” Nicholas added.

Rachel agreed: “She’s kind of been keeping her head down for three or four months I think because she’s a very compassionate girl.

“I think she cares very much about her place in the community and probably what people might think of her,” the actress commented.

She noted that Helen’s decision to walk away from her wedding to Hugh took “real guts”.

The upcoming special episode will show Helen and James’ first Christmas together as a couple.

Having watched the pair’s love story unfold in the period drama, viewers are keen to see more of their blossoming relationship.

However, James and Helen could face some challenges as they manage their way through the festive season.

Will Helen end up reflecting on the big life decision she made last Christmas? Viewers will have to tune in to find out.

The All Creatures Great And Small Christmas Special will premiere on Channel 5 at 9 pm on Christmas Eve.

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