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All the theories why Love Island’s Curtis Pritchard’s head has been turned

Love Island fans are perplexed by Curtis Pritchard's sudden doubts over his half-girlfriend Amy Hart.

From almost the very beginning of the series, the pair have been smitten with each other, and have been considered one of the strongest couples in the villa.

But amid the test of Casa Amor, Curtis appears to be having his head turned by new girl Jourdan.

He told Tommy he was confused about why he felt the way he did, and told Michael he felt like something must be missing with him and Amy for him to be considering cracking on with other girls.

He told Jourdan that he wanted to get to know her, and in a teaser from tonight's show, he told Jourdan he'd choose her over Amy.

He told her: "Right this second, I'd choose you."

A shocked Jourdan asks: "Are you sure?"

Meanwhile, Michael is seen chatting to new girl Joanna.

He asks her: "If I went to kiss you now, would you stop me?"

"Probably not," she tells him and he leans in for a snog.

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So what's going on with Curtis? And why is his head suddenly being turned?

Here are all the fan theories…

Some viewers think Curtis has been using Amy to stay in the villa.

One said on Twitter : "Curtis, there isn’t a physical attraction with Amy, what a rat he is, he’s taken Amy for a ride and now I actually feel a bit sorry for her"

Another said: "And while I'm not the biggest Amy fan, Curtis saying he's not physically attracted to her when he's spent weeks reassuring her that he thinks she's beautiful is such a d**k move. She's going to be devastated when she hears that"

However, others think that Curtis' head hasn't been turned at all, and that his sudden interest in Jourdan is simply a tactic to ensure he and Amy come out on top.

One fan said: "Theory: Curtis' head isn't being turned at all but rather he's trying to act like it is to make it easier for Tommy and Michael to stray because him and Amy so badly want to win."

And some think it's Michael who is manipulating the situation so he doesn't look as bad for choosing one of the new girls over Amber.

One said: "Michael trying to convince Curtis to go for a new girl so he doesn’t look as bad when the girls come back"

Others think Curtis is trying to strengthen his chances of winning after realising he and Amy weren't one of the nation's favourite couples after the recent public vote.

One said: "Curtis realised he wasn't the public's favourite when he wasn't in the top 3 couples. He knew the money was gone *activate head turn*"

Another suggested: "Curtis has found out from the new girls that Amy’s not popular with the public so is looking to move on"

While one said: "Curtis' mind goes 'f**k this s**t. I ain't winning anyway might as well crack on'"

Do you think he'll choose Jourdan over Amy in tonight's recoupling?

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