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‘Alright Peter!’ Bradley Walsh snaps at The Chase player for interrupting ITV host

The Chase: Bradley snaps at contestant

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Peter was the second player to face Chaser Paul “The Sinnerman” Sinha after promising contestant Gordon had made it through to the Final Chase with £7,000. At the table, Peter revealed his answer before ITV host Bradley Walsh could get to it, leaving him to have a hilarious outburst at the contestant.

The question Peter was given was: “The prefix ‘Exo’ means what, A. from the top, B. from outside, C. from within.”

With both Peter and Paul answering the question quickly, Peter began explaining to Bradley: “Exo, if you..”

But before he had a chance to continue, Bradley snapped back: “Yeah, alright, Peter!” 

A sheepish Peter realised his error and replied: “Oh sorry, I’ll wait.”

This left the other contestants and audience having a giggle while Bradley continued: “Thank you, so why did you put that?”

In the cash-builder round, Peter managed to bank £8,000 and brought it to the table where Paul offered him a low offer of £2,000 and a higher offer of £40,000.

After speaking to his teammates, who were all positive he would be capable of winning the high offer, they all suggested he go for the £8,000 to secure his place in the Final Chase.

Peter flew through the round and made it back with contestant Gordon who managed to win £7,000 for the Final Chase.

Up next was contestant three, Chloe, who only managed to build £1,000 in the first round.

When getting back to the table, Paul praised her and said: “Hello Chloe, well I’m not going to be nasty, you’re not as good a Peter and Gordon, but it’s part of the game to see how your tactics work.”

He offered her a low amount of £100 and a high amount of £50,000, which she laughed at and turned to her teammates for help.

Once again, they were all confident Chloe would be able to make it back with the £1,000 but told her to go with what she felt comfortable with.

She decided to take the lower offer of £100 in a safe bet to make it back to the Final Chase. However, the questions weren’t in her favour, and she ended up being caught two from home.

The last contestant was Helen, who built £8,000 in the cash-builder round and was surprised with herself when Bradley told her how well she had done.

When facing the Sinnerman, he offered her a lower offer of -£5,000 and a higher offer of £60,000.

After speaking to the team and contemplating whether to take the high offer, she decided to stick with what she had managed to build herself and secure her place in the Final Chase.

Just like Peter, she flew through her round and ended up telling Bradley she wished she had gone for the £60,000 offer, to which Paul said: “You wasn’t to know.”

With £22,000 between them, the team took on the challenge of the Final Chase and managed to get 19 steps ahead of the Chaser Paul.

However, with two failed attempts to push him back, the team were caught with 16 seconds to go and lost their chances at the £22,000.

Paul said: “Sometimes I spend ages on a question and still come up with the wrong answer, those are the games I lose.

“You’re unfortunate because I was really on from there, and what you needed as well as those two pushbacks but was Chloe, extra points.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV. 
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