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Amanda Owen height: How tall is the Our Yorkshire Farm star?

Amanda Owen suffers power cut on the farm

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Amanda Owen is the mother of nine children, the wife of Clive Owen and she helps to run the day to day proceedings at Ravenseat Farm. The Our Yorkshire Farm star never stops for one second as the cameras capture her ferrying around the Owen clan whilst trying to make sure the livestock are well looked after. With regards to her height, the Channel 5 television personality does linger over the top of the rest of her family and some viewers might be surprised to know just how tall she is.

How tall is Our Yorkshire Farm star Amanda Owen?

The 47-year-old mother of nine has become a familiar face on television, not just because of her role on her family’s documentary series, but she also features on This Week on the Farm and This Morning.

Despite being on the farm most days and getting stuck into country life, Amanda is often praised for looking so spritely.

On social media, she tends to post pictures of herself in a whole manner of outfits to show off her slender figure.

It has often been noticed by her fans and followers the shepherdess is extremely tall, which is a very true fact.

According to reports, the television personality’s height equates to 1.88 metres or about six foot, two inches tall.

This is about the same height as her husband Clive, with the two often matching how tall they are when standing next to one another.

They have passed on their advantage of height to their second eldest, Rueben, who comes in at six foot, six inches tall.

Amanda’s height helped pave a way for her career when she was younger as the mother of nine was a model before she turned to farming.

She tried to follow in her mother’s footsteps by taking on the modelling industry but it never really worked out for her.

No thank you

Amanda Owen

Discussing the early days in her career, Amanda explained: “When you think you’re going to be a model in like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, [you] actually then end up doing knitting catalogues and things like.

“It was cardigans, floral, Prince Diana 1980. No thank you,” she told the cameras on her show but now she uses her height to her advantage by keeping an eye on the sheep in the field.

The mother of nine detailed how a book about being a shepherd showcased the beauty of the countryside landscape, which she preferred much more to the catwalk.

“It was the pictures, it was the landscape, it was the people — everything in that book just appealed to me.

“It wasn’t glossing over the hard side, it was very real and very gritty and atmospheric but it was just the thought of working outdoors and actually doing something, having a physical job where you were out there feeling the elements — windburn, sunburn, rained on, all the rest of it — sounded like a good idea back then.”

Fellow adventure lover, Julia Bradby has become firm friends with the mother of nine and has discussed when they first met.

It was actually Amanda height and stature which caught Julia’s eye when she was up in the Dales filming Coast to Coast for the BBC in 2009.

Ravenseat Farm formed part of the route the film crew were exploring and the television presenter explained: “And there was Amanda, ready with hot tea and homemade scones, which helped us get ourselves together again.

“She’s so beautiful, charismatic and tall that you can’t miss Amanda,” she continued in an interview with iNews, with Amanda only having five children when they first met.

As well as her extraordinary height, the mother of nine also keeps a slender figure and she has explained it’s all down to working on the farm.

Amanda said: “People think, ‘Oh you’re a farmer so you’re going to wear green waterproofs all the time’. I’m not out to make a statement, I just want to do my own thing.

“When I go out to do a talk or a book signing, I think it would be really contrived if I looked like I’d just come out of the farmyard.

“I will be wearing something far sleeker than I would on the farm. I want to make myself feel pretty.

“I might work in a man’s world but I don’t want to be one,” she told The Irish News.

Our Yorkshire Farm continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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