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Amber Heard plagued by rumors 'she's been fired from Aquaman 2 and could be replaced by Emilia Clarke'

AQUAMAN star Amber Heard has been subject to a swell of rumors she has been "fired" from the second movie instalment.

Australian website Sausage Roll and YouTube channel PopCorned Planet have claimed the actress "did not pass her physical examination" for the role – and therefore "violated" her contract.

Websites The Blast and We Got This Covered have also reported how Amber, who last year testified in The Sun's libel victory against her ex Johnny Depp, is tipped to be replaced by Game Of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke.

The source is said to have told Brisbane-based Sausage Roll, "Amber Heard did not pass her physical examination.

"She’s put on some pounds and is in terrible shape.

"There is a clause in her contract which says she is required to be in good form ahead of shooting and she violated that."

The US Sun has gone to Amber and Emilia's reps for comment, as well as those for Warner Bros.

In the first movie instalment, Amber, 34, played Mera, wife of the DC Comics superhero Aquaman.

Rumors she would vacate the role for the Warner Bros Pictures spin off were first fuelled in December 2020, in a Forbes report stating London native Emilia, 34, would take on the role.

The report referred to the Daenerys Targaryen actress and said: "She also signed on to replace Amber Heard as Mera in Aquaman 2."

Despite the claims, movie bosses have yet to speak out on the casting publicly, so as yet it is pure suggestion.

Indeed, Warner Bros Pictures publicly announced they would stand by Amber following the court case outcome – while they decided to boot Sweeney Todd actor Johnny from the Fantastic Beasts sequel and replace him with Mads Mikkelsen.

We Got This Covered website also claims Warner Bros insider Daniel Richtman has told how the replacement rumor has "no basis in truth."

Yet this has not stopped fans of the American superhero movie, directed by James Wan, airing their views.

One took to Twitter to comment: "Amber Heard fired from #Aquaman, great day today."

Another posted: "AmberHeard got fired from #Aquaman 2. Well, good."

One then mused: "For me and based on my personal opinion: amber heard is a must in #Aquaman2," as another posted: "Aquaman has amber, Aquaman2 hopefully has amber."

A Twitter user then pleaded: "So if Amber Heard is gone from Aquaman 2. PLEASE @wbpictures."





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