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Anton goes savage as he brands Amy and Curtis boring and Molly Mae a game player

Those that feel this year's Love Island is yet to really get going may have had a sudden change of heart.

Anton Danyluk unleashed a verbal volley in the villa – and viewers think it could kick start a war of words.

First he called Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard boring… and then went in on Molly Mae Hague.

He called her a game player as tensions really started to rise as the other Islanders sat there and didn't know how to react.

But his little rant won him few friends online.

Viewers were quick to point out he adds nothing to the show himself – except making hot drinks!

One wrote: "Has Anton ever even been coupled up with anyone properly? He’s always just asking if anyone wants tea."

Another said: "Anton is stirring the pot, go and find a girlfriend please you tea maid."

One fan tweeted: "Why are Anton and Lucie still there??? Lucie just cries and Anton makes tea. Get off the show."

Amy is having a tough time of it at the moment as viewers fear Curtis is fast losing interest.

Speaking on the terrace in the villa, Amy asked Curtis whether he thought that they would work on the outside.

"Who, you and me?" Curtis asked as he hesitated. "… Yeah."

He added: "We don't know what the future's going to hold."

"But I actually quite like you, funnily enough," Amy replied, but Curtis failed to repeat her words, instead saying "yeah".

In the Beach Hut, Amy revealed her frustration at their relationship slowing down.

"I wish he'd bloody hurry up and ask me to be his girlfriend," she said.

Later, while talking to the girls, Amy said that she was keen to start her life outside the villa.

One tweeted: "Looks like Curtis lost interest in Amy."

While another joked: "Curtis isn’t so into Amy after that kiss with Tommy #LoveIsland."

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