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'Apex Legends': Caustic Buff Incoming — Daniel Z. Klein Teases Updates

Apex Legends players can expect a Caustic buff, according to Respawn Entertainment’s Lead Game Designer. Daniel Z. Klein recently did an AmA on Reddit, and gamers had a chance to ask about some of their favorite legends. Caustic has been a point of contention for many players, who feel as if his gas trap simply doesn’t cut the mustard, and that he was nerfed too heavily in the past. Now, Klein says that Apex Legends will be seeing a new Caustic sometime in the future. 

‘Apex Legends’: Caustic received early nerfs

When the Apex Legends Chaos Theory update landed, Caustic saw some hefty nerfs. His gas trap tick damage was reduced rather heavily, from variable increases in damage per tick ranging from around 7-10 damage, to a flat 5 damage increase per tick. 

While the gas isn’t really intended to be Caustic’s main source of damage, some fans felt frustrated by the damage reduction. The changes resulted in the Toxic Trapper needing 20 tics of gas trap damage to down someone. What’s more, Caustic’s ultimate ability had its cooldown increased by a full minute.

Apex Legends Associate Live Balancer John Larson said that the nerfs weren’t enough to make Caustic unplayable, as some fans seemed to suggest. 

“All in all, gas still does direct health damage and there are plenty of reasons to not fight in gas unless you’re a Caustic. … In our balancing conversations, this seemed like the fairest way to remove some power and frustration without being pattern breaking from a Caustic play style perspective,” wrote Larson, per Dexerto.

Caustic was further nerfed when Apex Legends changed the particle FX count on his gas clouds. Bangalore and Gibraltar also suffered from the change. 

Lead Game Designer Daniel Z. Klein promises Caustic buff

The Apex Legends subreddit recently hosted an AmA with Daniel Z. Klein, the game’s Lead Game Designer. Fans had many questions about possible balance changes to their favorite legends — notably Caustic and Wattson. 

“Caustic’s win/loss ratio barely changed with the nerf. It went from 5.1% to 5.0%. His PICK rate however dropped a lot, so there’s a lot of survivor bias here; the common explanation is that only Caustic mains stuck around after the nerf, so that kind of self selection undid a lot of the impact of the nerf,” wrote Klein of Caustic’s previous changes. 

“We’re thinking about what to do with him–we could just up the damage again, maybe find an in between point where he’s okay, but I want us to spend some time thinking of non-damage outputs we could use on the gas. The goal is that people should be terrified of your gas and try to leave ASAP. That’s currently not the case, and we will fix it. No ETA, as always.”

Rampart and Revenant to see changes, Wattson gets shafted

Meanwhile, Daniel Z. Klein did tease some buffs coming to Rampart and Revenant, both of whom have fallen in popularity. 

“It’s a bit too early to talk about her spicy buff because we don’t yet know if it’ll work and if so when we can ship it. Right now, IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL (which it never does), you can expect it halfway through Season 10. Game dev is hard and takes a long time!” said Klein of Rampart.

As for Revenant, Klein says Apex Legends players will be seeing him in ascendence soon. 

“We have a set of changes we’re trying out internally at the moment and they feel fun and fine, but they’ll probably not move the needle on power a lot. That may be fine! So long as people playing as him / against him have fun, numbers are fake anyway. And while I can’t give you any details on the buffs we’re trying out, I can tell you he’ll certainly climb to the top,” wrote Klein. 

Meanwhile, Wattson mains will be disappointed to hear that Klein doesn’t agree with the widespread assessment that the Apex Legend character badly needs a buff — especially given that her fences are currently bugged and do not slow enemies. 

“Fences will be fixed soon! I think her shield regen is fine. It’s a lot of power, and she’s very powerful. I’d rather not keep pushing more power into her into until she becomes overbearing. Until we push her power, how do you say, beyond capacity,” wrote Klein of Wattson. His comment had over 300 downvotes at the time of publication. 

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