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Audrey Roberts makes shock murder accusation in Coronation Street | The Sun

THE truth is quickly catching up with Stephen Reid as he desperately tries to get rid of his fiancée Elaine Jones.

But when he's involved in a fight with her son Tim, his mother Audrey Roberts makes a shocking murder accusation in Coronation Street.

The cabbie played by Joe Duttine has been suspicious of Stephen (portrayed by Todd Boyce) since he first became romantically involved with his mother Elaine (Paula Wilcox).

Determined to protect his mother from harm, particularly following her marriage with his abusive and manipulative father Geoff, Tim has tried to drive a wedge between Elaine and Stephen but failed.

While Tim hasn't been able to put his finger on what really bothers him about Stephen, ITV viewers have been fully aware the character is a dangerous serial killer with a plan to make a fourth victim.

In recent scenes of the Manchester-based drama, Stephen made it clear to those around Elaine she was struggling mentally and potentially contemplating ending her life.

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Stephen did this while forging life insurance documents and getting her to write a note he would use as an explanation for her apparent suicide.

Coming up next week, things all come to a head for Stephen as his plans are finally rumbled and Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls) jumps to the conclusion that Elaine's intentions were sinister.

The hairdresser believes Elaine wanted to bump Stephen off so that she could claim the insurance, not the other way round.

Soon, PC Craig Tinker (Colson Smith) calls at No.4 with news from the hospital.

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But what is due to happen next week for things to turn so sour?

It all begins with an oblivious and infatuated Elaine who is mortified when her future-mother-in-law Audrey tries to talk to her about her supposed depression.

However, this prompts her to confide in Audrey that she’s having doubts about Stephen.

Audrey assures her that Stephen loves her very much, while he hears his plans may have to be altered.

Stephen learns a potential buyer for the Underworld factory is having a terrible time as his wife’s life insurance won’t pay out after she took her own life.

Quietly horrified to realise his own plans are unravelling, he hides the fake suicide note.

Back at home, Elaine broaches a difficult conversation and tells Stephen it’s clear he doesn’t love her, insisting they should cancel the wedding.

Stephen reels but when he hears Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) chatting about Isabella needing some hiking boots so she doesn’t fall to her death in the Peak District, he's given food for thought.

Begging Elaine to give him another chance, he suggests a romantic break in the Peak District.

While she heads off to pack, willing to give their romance another chance, Stephen looks over the life insurance.

As the couple get ready to leave for the Peak District, a family photo reveals to Elaine that the woman she saw Stephen on a zoom with was his ex wife, Gabrielle.


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Covering her alarm, Elaine heads out and tells Tim everything.

In doing so, Elaine starts to piece together all Stephen’s suspicious activity and lies.

She shows Tim a metal box in which Stephen files things away and Tim prises it open to a shocking discovery.

With Elaine out of the way, it’s Tim who waits at the flat to confront Stephen.

An angry Tim soon announces to him the game’s up and they’re going to report him to the police – but a struggle ensues.

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Could Tim be Stephen's fourth victim?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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